Posted by: Susan Johnson | January 29, 2009

Life in the LDS Missionary Training Center

Hey pamilya!

Sister Kelsey Johnson

Thank you so much for your letters mom and dad. They really mean a lot and it is good to hear from you all! Well mom has been asking about what my days are like so here is the run down. Monday is p-day so we get to go to the temple early in the morning then do laundry then after dinner we have class till 9:30. Like I said before I love the classes. my guros (teachers) are sooooo goood. During the class period and any class period for that matter they switch off between teaching from preach my gospel and Tagalog. Then Tuesdays-Sat. there are 3 blocks of class throughout the day each between a meal. Two of those blocks are class and the other is personal and comp study. Each day they mix it up. Also thrown into the mix is gym everyday which consists of me showing the elders up in basketball 😉 lol or an intense game of 4-square. Like I was saying, gym is thrown into the mix somewhere. Wed. mornings we have a service project. Tuesday nights we have a devotional. Sundays are amazing and every missionary’s favorite day. We get up have breakfast, have some personal study time, sisters go to music in the spoken word and then RS is right after, then we have a district meeting (in other words its our Sunday school), lunch, then sacrament (its weird going to sacrament meeting on a full stomach), then a big old chuck of personal study time or time to sleep or go to the temple, then dinner, then a fireside (which this last Sundays was phenomenal– just what I needed to hear…if I have time I will explain) then we have a “night at the movies” haha they have about 4 church movies to pick from. Yesterday I went to the new Joseph Smith movie which was so good. They did such a good job on that movie and how they portrayed everything.  So basically that is my week…haha sorry that was probably really jumbled but I only have 14 min left. Its really intimidating having a big red clock count down your time in the corner of your eye! 

   Well mom you should be happy to know that you’ve done well! The wardrobe is great (thanks for sending me off with a variety of shirts to choose from) the shoes are great. I don’t have a single complaint. I’m happy as a clam.

   Hey have you guys followed up with Brady and Riley’s coach? In the MTC they teach you all about following up and it is very important otherwise your investigator will not progress! So family lets get him progressing! 

   I have seriously been learning so much. My love for the scriptures has grown tremendously. I love them! I love reading them! Personal study time is never long enough! I still have a long way to go though. it hasn’t been a cake walk since I got here just to let you know. It has been hard! Satan knows are soar spots and just rubs on them as much as he can. That is what the fireside speaker spoke about last night and it was really helpful. Well fam its time I go. Thank you so much dad for your emails. I wish I could write you back personally but this will have to do. good luck in your travels. 

   Now that I know how to bear my testimony in Tagalog I am going to attempt to do it. It is very humbling because I don’t know how to say a lot…Alam ko na si Jesucristo ang aking manunubos. Alam ko na totoo ang ebanghelyo ni jesucristo. Alam ko na totoo ang aklat ni mormon. alam ko na totoo pamamagitan espiritu santo.

I love you fam 

Sister J



  1. Oh, the blessed days at the MTC; I loved it there! I am so proud of you Kelsey, I mean Sister Johnson.

    It amazes me how powerful testimony is, no matter what language you speak. I do not understand anything you said in your testimony, but I felt the sweet presences of the Holy Spirit confirming to me what you testified of is true. Always remember the power of a simple testimony, a witness of what you know to be true.

  2. Oh Kelsey you are such a rock! I love love love reading your updates and I’m so proud of you! I’m trying to be all amazingly righteouss like you but i can’t keep up! You sound like you’re constantly progressing and i love it! Thanks for your letter!!! I’ve sent you a couple letters so hopefully you’re getting them. YOU STINK LIKE BODY!

    Love Wobbs

  3. She said she knows the book of mormon is true in there. Ang Aklat ni Mormon.

  4. So proud of you Sister Johnson! I sent you an e-mail, Sister Johnson or any of the Johnson family reading this, please notify Kelsey that our dear friend Amanda Douglas has passed. Kelsey and I first started teaching her about the gospel in your home in Tucson, hoping to get some words from her that I can share at her upcoming service.

    Keep up with your love for the scriptures!

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