Posted by: Susan Johnson | February 3, 2009

I Blubber Like a Baby!


    Ok seriously I love each one of you sooooo much! I pray for each one of you everyday and hope the best for you all! I have really come to appreciate friends and family since I have been here! SISTER ROPER IS COMING HERE!!!!! haha ok now that that is out of the way I am sooooo excited but I’m not going to let it get me distracted I swear! 🙂 haha mom you’re so silly I caught a wiff of your sarcasm in the very last line that you wrote me!

     This last week was seriously amazing! I feel like I have done a lot of growing up! First of all I never knew I could be so emotional! Mom you would be proud. I blubber like a baby when the entire MTC sings we will bring the world his truth! I hope I can get control of myself…and soon! As I was saying, each week seems to be getting better and better. Every Tuesday and Sunday night we have devotionals and they are always sooooo good and the spirit bears powerful witness to me. Yesterday (Sunday) was the best day I have had here! The spirit resonated within my whole soul for like the entire day! It literally felt like my heart, my wants, and my desires were being molded and shaped by the Lord to make me into the instrument that he needs me to be. It started with the mission conference that they hold every fast Sunday. we have a brand new MTC presidency so they and all of their wives spoke. Their words sunk deep into my heart as they talked about missionary work. In my favorite talk…I cant remember who it was…but he talked about how we as missionaries must first be converted to the gospel…to taste deeply of the fruit…before we can teach others. He also said how preach my gospel was created to first convert the missionary before the investigator. I personally feel like I need to seek to be fully converted while I am here. Yesterday was definately a good start to that full conversion and I know that if I trust in the lord he will help me and mold me into the sister missionary he needs in Bacolod. I am in the refiners fire right now and although it is not easy I am loving every second of it. Those callused spots on my heart are being broken up and softened.

    After the mission conference we had district meeting and our branch president, President Clark spoke. That man is inspired! First of all just some background we have to write letters to him every week about our progress or any struggles that we are having and he writes us back. I love getting his letters back because they are exactly what I need to hear and he spends so much time and effort on them. He gives us quotes and scriptures to look up. With a zone full of missionaries letters to read I am amazed that he puts in so much time and effort. He spoke on the atonement. The atonement is something I personally want to learn more about. I want to come to know my savior on a more intimate level. So he talked about why the atonement is so powerful and at the center of everything we do in this church. His words were so powerful and they bore strong testimony to me of the savior. I cant wait to study him more! At the very end he encouraged each and every one of us to make a commitment to Jesus Christ today that we will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be his disciple. Not just when we are missionaries but for the rest of our lives so that when the day comes that this little black name tag of mine that bears my name along side the saviors is removed from me and I am released people will still be able to see that my name and the saviors go together…they are one in the same. That hit me so hard and I followed the counsel of my branch president.

    I would strongly encourage everyone who reads this email to come unto the savior! He loves and cares for you so much! Pledge to him that you will be his disciple and that your name will be recorded among the believers! If you are not a part of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints (mormon) I would strongly invite you to talk to the missionaries! This is the true church! When you hear what the missionaries have to say I promise that if you go with an open heart the spirit will not be constrained and it will bear witness to you that God has again restored his gospel here on the earth! I love you all and I pray that you listen to my sincere testimony and act on it! 

Love, Sister Johnson 

PS. I’m so sorry to hear about Eddy. Thank heavens for the atonement. This can be a good teaching opportunity for the volleyball team. Dont be afraid to share our message!



  1. Kelsey you are truly amazing and it is so fun to see your testimony strengthen and your character shaped by the power of this work. You brought back many memories for me of when I was there. You are such a good example to all around you. I love you!

  2. this is not from HId, but from Sister Roper’s mom, Becky! Well we dropped Heidi off today, and looked for Sister Johnson, but didn’t see her. I am sure those two will find each other though. I love reading Kelsey’s letter. The gospel is so wonderful and she is going to be a fantastic missionary! I’ll keep you posted on how Heidi is doing.

  3. Wow Kelsey!! Sounds like you are doing fabulously! That is soooo great. We are all so proud of you and love and support you through daily prayers. And a little same day MTC packages!! The blog is great and keeps us all sooo included and updated. Thanks for sharing. Luv 2 U sweet girl and I will be waiting for sure for the next partnered game with you when you get home. Chery

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