Posted by: Susan Johnson | February 9, 2009

I Learned a new word this week — PINAKAMAKAPANGYARIHAN!!!

Kamusta Kayo pamilya!

   Another week has flown by…quite literally! It feels like it was p-day yesterday! Things are going great…I’m getting more and more comfortable with the language. The gift of tongues helps a lot! I am so glad that I have it! Oh I learned a new word this week that is even longer then pananampalataya! haha its PINAKAMAKAPANGYARIHAN!!!! It means almighty! Sweet huh! Every Thursday we go to the TRC…I don’t even know what that stands for…pero (but) we basically have these certain language tasks that we have to complete and also we teach a lesson depending on what the situation is for the week. We teach people that just come off the street. Its pretty cool. Anyhow this Thursday is our last time teaching in English! The week after that we have to teach the first lesson in Tagalog! crazy huh?! I’m excited but nervous at the same time! 

    This last Thursday we taught the 2nd lesson — the plan of salvation or plano ng kaligtasan. It was such a good experience! I LOVE teaching and I know I am here on a mission for a reason! My kasama (companion) and I were able to teach powerfully with the spirit, bear testimony and share scripture. it was a good feeling. I am coming to know the spirit more and more and how it works through me. I love it. I want so badly to share what we have with others. Also on Thursday we had a large group meeting…that is simply where they gather everybody together…I mean everybody on the same schedule as us which is all Tagalog and Spanish speakers… and teach us a principle about missionary work. This last one was on how powerful the faith of a missionary is. The things they talked about were so good and I kept thinking about it. They said how we have been set apart and have the power through our faith to make miracles happen. They also said how the missionaries who seem to have miracles follow them wherever they go, often all have the same qualities. Some of those were — speaking with boldness, being strictly obedient, being humble, having a broken heart and contrite spirit. I decided during that meeting that I was going to be a missionary with great faith. I’m going to make things happen. 

    Yes mom I saw hid…I mean Sister Roper this week! 🙂 haha and we have already been reprimanded 3 times! I’m thinking that is pretty good for us! jokeslong (just kidding) it was a joyous reunion though! You know how I love my friends!! Sadly we have opposite schedules and she doesn’t even live on the same floor as me but that is probably a good thing!

    Mom there was an awesome scripture that I want you to look up that will bring you comfort about my stomach but I can’t remember what it was so you will have to wait till next week! It’s in the bible though I know that. Well that’s all for now! keep up the missionary work for me at home! I want you all to commit to talk to at least one person this week about the gospel…and no talking with a member doesn’t count! MAHAL KITA!! 

Sister Johnson



  1. Yeah for Sis. Johnson! I loved reading her letter! It makes me so happy. We just got one in the mail from Heidi. She is also so happy! I am glad that they have gotten to see each other! I sure am proud of these 2 girls! What an example they are to us!
    I’ll keep looking in on the blog and keep track of Sis. Johnson. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Becky,

    You should start a blog for Heidi! It is really not that hard!

    Just go to and click on the register a blog link and feel out the required information. If you have any questions, email me at

    We would love to hear from Sister Roper!

    Colby Johnson

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