Posted by: Susan Johnson | February 17, 2009

I’m at a spiritual boot camp!

Hi family

    Another week has flown by! I can’t believe it’s already p-day! This week was awesome! This place really is a spiritual boot camp. Tagalog is still coming along great! I can honestly say that I like speaking it and I try to do it as much as possible. I think I mentioned last week but this Thursday will be my first time teaching lesson one in Tagalog…that means no English! crazy huh…it will definitely be a humble lesson. Here is just a little taste…Mahal ng Diyos tayo (god loves us) Ang mga anak niya tayo (we are his children) and that’s all I know! haha just kidding I know more but it will take too long. 

    Guess what? Sister Roper got her visa so she leaves tomorrow 😦 sad day but it was soooooooo goood to see her. She is going to be an awesome missionary. This past week was so good because I really feel like I learned so much more about the atonement. I was reading in Mosiah 4-5 and they are excellent. While teaching a concern came up about how do we know when we have been forgiven? Well these scriptures answer that question clearly and they are so comforting. So all of you reading will you commit to reading these chapters? Make sure you write it down…oh and if you don’t have a Book of Mormon just let me know and I will send you one free of charge. Seriously though the fact that we are able to be forgiven of our sins and be cleansed is amazing. Our pain and guilt can instantly be washed away! Also I was reading and I can’t remember where (I need to work on that) but it was relating the ability to be forgiven by our Savior to the story of Moses and the people that got bitten by snakes and in order to be healed all they had to do was just look at the staff and they would live but sadly because of the easiness of the way many did not. When we try to repent it is the same way we can either choose to accept the Saviors outstretched hand or reject it by saying no he can’t forgive me for this…or I have to suffer some more. NO you don’t. Christ loves us so much he died for us. He is eager to forgive us. If we truly are sorry we can be forgiven easily. It doesn’t have to be this long drawn out process. Sorry I wish I could explain more but time is ticking just know that I love you all 

Sister J



  1. You are soooo awesome!! You are so in tune and are going to be such an awesome missionary. Plus you do it with such vigor and such an upbeat personality. Everyone is just going to love you! As I do. My prayers go with you daily and God Bless you! luv

  2. Kumusta na Kapatid Johnson,
    Maraming salamat sa pagsilbihan mo sa aking bansa. Alam ko na mamahalin ka ng maraming tao kahit saan ka magpunta.
    Magingat ka lagi. Mahal ka ng ating Panginoon.

    Emy Krauss

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