Posted by: Colby Johnson | February 24, 2009

Family Hub, Join the Blogroll! (Friends Too)

Thank you for your support and interest in Kelsey.  I have shared with her how many people have been visiting this blog and we share your comments with her and she is blown away.  She thanks you for her support. 

Today is exactly two months since I started the blog and as you can see in the right column towards the bottom, we have just passed 500 hits, with 335 hits since the start of February!  This blog was my gift to Kelsey for Christmas; I had no idea that so many of you would be able to keep up with Sister Johnson and share your love and support through the comments you have left.  Please continue your support of Kelsey on her journey and comment and let your know what you think of her adventures.

Due to the nature of the success of this blog, particularly to how many friends and family visit, I want to turn this into a hub where we can better keep up with each other.  I know several of you have blogs of you own and I would like to create a blogroll where everyone can link over to your blog or web site to see how you are doing.  Please leave a comment to this post with a the web address to your blog and I will add you to the blog roll.

Also for curiosities sake, please take the following poll:

See Sister Johnson’s weekly letter below.


Colby S. Johnson



  1. Kelsey sounds like she’s doing awesome! Does she have an email where I can email her directly? Or is that illegal in the MTC? Please let me know! I miss her so much its ridiculous!!!

  2. Sorry Robin, she can only receive emails from family. Your best bet is to send her some old fashioned snail mail; if you don’t have it already, you can get her address here.
    Also, we do pass all the comments on this blog to Kelsey, so she knows all about you stocking this blog 😉

    Colby Johnson

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