Posted by: Susan Johnson | March 3, 2009

What’s the difference between prison and the MTC???

Maraming Maraming salamat ang pamilya mo para sa ng mga sulat! Mahal ko Kayo so much! Nagdarasal ako para say inyo ng bawat araw! Wala ingles para sa rest of MTC so ito will be sa Tagalog/taglish! Jokeslang that will take way too long! Translation: many many thanks family for the letters and emails. I love you all sooooo much. I pray for you everyday. I made it a goal to not speak any English for the rest of my MTC stay (which is 2 weeks!!!! I am so excited you have NO idea!!) Dad I must say I loved that joke haha–it does ring all too true! (JOKE:  What’s the difference between prison and the MTC?  Answer: At the MTC you don’t get any visitors!) Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love it here in the MTC and it has done wonders for me….but I am ready to get out!! 

   Guess what??? If all goes according to plans and everything works out with visas and such we should get our flight plans this week!!!! Can you believe that? Like I was saying I am super excited to get to the Philippines…I think I get more excited everyday which is bad because then the days go by slower.. Hey mom thanks so much for typing my setting apart blessing for me. It is such a comfort to me! Oh and thank you so much for sending me Hids letter! I love that girl and she is going to do some amazing things. Oh quick funny random story! So I went into the mail room to pick up a package the other day (by the way thank you so much Nicki and fam!) and on the other side of the counter this lady was on the computer and there was a picture up on it and I could have sworn it was Sister Roper. When the lady came to help me I asked who is that missionary haha turns out it was Sister Roper!!! What are the chances of that? She was just forwarding some mail to her that had come in! Random but it made my day! (love ya hid…I mean Sister Roper! You are awesome! 

     The other day Sister Hettig and I were talking with this chef in the cafeteria who happens to be Philippino. We were speaking to him in Tagalog and he asked where we were going. Sister Hettig said Quezon and I said Bacolod. He was like oooohhh Bacolod — you won’t be speaking much Tagalog down there. I was like yea I know its Ilango right — are they similar at all? and he said oh no not at all. It’s like going to a different country down there! Great!! haha I’m in for a treat! 🙂 but honestly I’m not to worried about it….I know the lord will bless me for the effort I am putting in here. 

     Oh so following up with the RC. The lady I was talking to ended up being the same person another sister in my district was talking to. I don’t know how that happened but she is talking with her now which is cool because she is still super interested. This last time at the TA teaching lesson 1 in Tagalog was fantastic! I was really getting frustrated with the language for a while and the reason was because I was focusing on the language too much. After an amazing lesson from my teacher who talked about how teaching is not about having perfect Tagalog — it’s about having the spirit. That truly is what its about and that is what we need to focus on! So I did that last Thursday. it made all the difference in the world!! The Tagalog was just flowing out of me and my companion! It truly was an awesome experience. I hope I can continue to focus on the spirit. 

      My favorite days I have decided here at the MTC are fast Sundays. I have now been through 2 of them and each one was the so incredibly spiritual. I can’t quite explain it. We have this huge mission conference with the entire MTC there and the mission presidency talks to us. It’s awesome. They addressed so many questions that have been on my mind. Specific questions too! NApakagaling I just want to leave you with my testimony that I know for myself that these things are true! I know that my redeemer lives. What comfort this sweet sentence gives. I know very personally for myself that if you turn to the savior and TRUST in him he will be there to calm your troubled heart. My heart has been troubled many a times here…it may not seem like it but it has. But I have learned that he will be there to comfort you. SEE D@C 45 it is awesome. I love you all immensely and thanks for your prayers.



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