Posted by: Susan Johnson | March 11, 2009

I Am Sooooo Excited to Get this Adventure Underway!!!

     I owe the IRS $22,400.00!!!!!! ANO BIEN??? TALAGA?? How did that happen??? That is craziness!! What r u going to do? It doesn’t help that I’m fleeing the country in a week! GRABI TALAGA!!! What kind of info do u need? I get to call you in a week at the airport so maybe we can figure something out then but that might be too late. I have no idea. This stuff is all confusing to me. Sorry. I must say it does make for a good story 🙂 telling people that I owe the government skads of money and that I am running away to a different country 🙂 Sorry — you know me mom I just cant resist making light of a serious situation. 

     Anywho on more positive note, WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!!! I thought they would never come! So here is my itinerary. Fly out of Salt Lake Tuesday the 17th (so my little fam expect to hear from me — put off Survivor or 24 or 21 or whatever you are watching and sit by the phone..wiwee (that stands for Riley) no jumping on the tramp!! I want to hear if your voice has deepened! Land in los Angeles. Leave LA.  Land Taipe, Taiwan Thursday the 19th (I will only live the day of the 18th for 10 minutes cool huh). Leave Taipe that morn, land in Manila. Leave Manila and Land in Bacolod that eve!!! (Side note from Susan –times have been removed for safety). What a wild ride I have to look forward to! I am soooooo excited to get this adventure under way…you have no idea! There is a place I can leave a bunch of stuff where people can come and pick it up. So is Julie still planning on picking up my stuff? I hope so. I think I am going to end up leaving a lot of stuff behind. 

     Wow I can’t believe how fast the MTC has flown. I have a week left! Hey Bird (that stands for Brady) did u get my card? 🙂 I hope you liked it. I am SO excited to hear where you get called!!! Please tell me all about it. OH MY GOOODNESS I JUST HAD A THOUGHT!!! You should wait to open it when I can call at the airport!!!!!!! that would be sooooooo coool! If you can’t wait that is ok but that would be sweet! Hey Colby happy 25th! That is awesome! I thought of you all day. Thanks for being such a good example for me and shaping what kind of missionary I want to be. I want to be a missionary just like you. I hope you got my package! Hope all is well with you and Tara. 

     Hey mom — I sing you to me! haha that was a good one. Did I tell you that one of my favorite things here at the MTC is singing in the choir? Sister Hettig and I can’t sing for our lives but it has been one of the most amazing experiences. There is nothing like having a huge group of missionaries singing their hearts out to the hymns of God — it is truly spectacular. I absolutely love it and am going to miss it. This past week was awesome. My testimony grew tremendously in our beloved prophet Joseph Smith who did so much for each one of us. I know that he was a man called of God and that He did in fact see God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know that through the power of God he translated the BOM. I know that He was able to restore Christ’s church on the earth today. I know it with all my heart. We are so blessed with this knowledge. it is our duty to proclaim it throughout the world. I challenge you to pray for an opportunity to share Joseph Smiths story with somebody in the next week. If you do, the spirit will bear witness to you and the person you are speaking with that it is true. That’s how powerful Joseph Smiths story is. DO IT. Open your mouth and God will fill it. I love you all and I will talk to you next week. thank you for your love and support!

Sister Johnson 



  1. Kels-

    What an exciting adventure that lies ahead of you. I feel like I am living every moment with you. I am so excited to hear about your first few days/weeks/months and ok the whole thing. You are in for a treat and will love it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It will get easier. Halong ka ha?

  2. Hey I’m one of the teachers at the MTC. I just saw Sis. Johnson and just wanted to let you all know how awesome she is! I was drawn to her from day 1. Just the excitement and love that she has is so amazing to me. She’s always in such a good mood and every time I saw her I couldn’t help but laugh and smile. She knows how to make people happy and is just hilarious. Thanks for having such a great daughter, sister, etc. She’ll be greatly missed at the MTC!!

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