Posted by: Susan Johnson | March 17, 2009

I’m off to the Islands of Ephriam!

OAKLAND CALIFORNIA!!!!!! AAHHHHH Brady that is sooooooooo awesome!!! I am so excited for you!!! There have been some Elders I have met going to there! I wish I could have been there to hear all the juicy details! That’s ok I will get to talk to you hopefully tomorrow!!! Haha mom I loved the puzzle! It was fun…for the longest time I thought the second word was Nicaragua…(I skipped over the F) and I was asking everybody how to spell Nicaragua because I was trying to make it fit. And then I was talking to this lady at a computer and I asked her to help me try to figure it out and she was like well I have a better way…and she hopped on the computer and typed his name in and it came up! haha you’re already in the computers here my friend. Unfortunately for some reason it didn’t list your mission so before I figured out where you were going I knew when you were entering the MTC (May 27) and leaving (June 17). From that I knew it was English speaking! That is awesome little bro. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

   Well tonight will by my last night in my little residence hall. I also went to the temple for the last time today for who knows how long 😦 its pretty crazy! I’m not going to lie — emotions are a little mixed right now. I’m excited but at the same time nervous! My future is so unknown…all I know is that next Sunday I will be sitting in a grass hut…sitting on bamboo pews…dripping sweat…and not understanding a lick of what is being said in sacrament meeting! fun stuff! 

   Hey Riley! Oh my goodness thank you so much for sending me your talk! It was soooooooo good. I was really impressed! nice work! for rillz! Its funny that you talked on hope because that is exactly what our sacrament was on…and very appropriate because that is something I am lacking!! So seriously it is a big help to me! thanks bro! Random thought…is Trigger still alive? oh and wiwee (Riley) remember what you solemnly swore to do when driving my car?? 🙂 that tiki thing better still be hanging from the rearview mirror! 

   This past week was awesome! Sister Hettig and I ended all of our teaching appointments on a good note! The spirit was so strong in each of them. The teachers that we worked with were so good and we where able to learn a ton from them. I will have to tell you more details tomorrow! 🙂 My district and the other one that is leaving tomorrow with us we all got together and sang in sacrament. we sang Ye elders of Israel. I really like that song! And it was so powerful when we sang it. I would encourage each of you to read the lyrics — they are awesome. The chorus says oh Babylon oh Babylon we bid thee farewell we are going to the mountains (but we changed that to islands) of Ephriam to dwell! It was cool. Which reminds me fam if you have a chance look up the dedication of the Philippines when they opened the first missions there. It was given by President Hinckley and it is so powerful. It has a lot of good prophesies. Definitely check it out. You can find it on 

   Hey dad I’m glad you liked my award so much haha its not just for the day but the guy said they would keep them up for a year. So Bird (Brady) when you go into the MTC hopefully my name will still be up! 🙂 Sorry this letter is so lame…I can’t think of anything to say…my mind has been on other things like what I still need to do before I leave but I do remember that I left you all with a commitment last time 🙂 How did it go? Did any of you talk with anybody about the restoration or Joseph Smith? Birdy? Riley? Colby? Wobbs? (hid I already know you did 🙂 Well again I would encourage you to do it! It will bless your life! I love you all and take care! I’m going to the islands of Ephriam to dwell!! 

Sister J 


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