Posted by: Susan Johnson | April 15, 2009

This Week I got in a Tricycle Accident and Fell in a Pond!!!

Hey fam!

I am so sorry about last week. What a bummer so now I have double duty!  (Kelsey’s letter last week got lost in cyberspace and she lost it all so it’s been two weeks since a letter from her).

Ok so not this last week but the week before I was really able to break in my scriptures…in theimg_05981 worst way there is!!!  This investigator family that we visit — in order to get to their hut you have to cross this pond and you cross it by standing on these roots poking up out in the water. It’s not a big pond by any means — the water goes up to my knees. Usually when we cross we have a little helper guy that holds our hand (bawal (forbidden) I know!) and helps us across. Well this time he wasn’t there so we had to venture across on our own. I was doing alright until I got the wobbles (thanks a lot wobbs!) I did a nice little balancing act and I thought I had everything under control when all of a sudden my bag swung forward and dumped its contents into the pond…then I gave up and fell in (not all the way just my legs and shoes).  The most heart wrenching part was seeing my new scriptures (just akong BOM) beloved scriptures floating on the water. (mom I know what you are thinking right now and I thought of what you would say: why, pray tell, would you take your nice scriptures out in the jungle anyways! I get it?)  My poor water logged scriptures! It still pains me to think about it but the good news is they survived and the contents inside are still true! 

As far as any other cool stories this past week, I got into my first and hopefully last tricycle accident. That was fun! So for transportation here we ride around on either a peti cab or a tricycle. The peti cab is a bike with a side car attached to it and a guy that takes you where you want to go. Then the tricycles are a step up –it’s a motorcycle with a side car. They are both fun to ride and we always try to get to know the driver and convert him. So on Friday I was in a tricycle with my comp and another sister companionship that lives in the apartment right next to ours. We were heading to do some service at a members house. We had to turn around and pick up the Elders so our cab driver flips a U and mind you there are no rules for the road here. So I don’t think he even looked but next thing I know I look over my shoulder just in time to see this motorcycle fly right into us. There were 3 people on the motorcycle that went flying. Thank heavens everybody was alright. Nothing serious. The accident gave our cab a big jolt but no serious damage. It was crazy. Then a couple minutes later a police car drives up and 10 cops come piling out…I didn’t know you needed that many!  Anywho we didn’t stay long enough to see what happened — we had to get to our appointment. 

This past weekend we had General Conference! I cant even tell you how much I was looking forward to it. General Conferences are different on the mission because you are not only listening for yourself but for others as well. As the speakers spoke I would think of investigators we have that their message would have been perfect for. This past General Conference was soooo amazing. I was so richly and completely spiritually uplifted and fed. The spirit was so strong. The funny thing was I could have felt the same spirit if I couldn’t hear them talk! Haha just to see them. I know that President Monson is a man called of God. I know and feel so strongly that this gospel is true and that this church is Jesus Christ’s church. I am sooooo incredibly grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ! I cant quite express it. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Holland. Holy moly! I love that man! He spoke so passionately and the spirit bore strong witness to me of his words! It’s so hard because I want to bear my testimony with freedom to say what I want to say but I am restricted by the language. I am working on it though. It is still hard and I try really hard to not get discouraged but there are times where it creeps in. I hate to admit it but I am weak. 

The work is going great here! We have a BAPTISM next Saturday!! I’m so excited! It is two girls ages 14 and 12. They are part of a part member family who is less active. These strong girls attend church but without their family. Don’t worry we are working on them but they are excited to take the next step and so am I! We have some other dates set for baptisms but there are complications with marriage and stuff. You see in the Philippines you cant get divorced so that creates a lot of tough situations for people who have separated and are living with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Also it is expensive to get married. The Baquia family is one of the strongest of our investigators (they are the one with the pond story).  They are totally excited for baptism but they need to get married and they don’t have the money. They barely have anything. Its crazy how little people have here. I feel so incredibly blessed. I think about our house and the fact that I have my own car and all of these luxuries! How could I ever complain!!! Our house is 20xs the size of these peoples huts and we have running water and electricity! We are so blessed. So next time you think to complain about how the computer is running slow or how your phone doesn’t work or how you have to take your car in to get fixed — just be grateful for what you have. 

Well that is about it for my time! I love you all and hope you had a hoppy Easter! It was Easter right? Haha I don’t even know! 

P.S. mom can you do me a huge favor?? Is there any way you can send me something for mosquitoes? Anything – I’m desperate! They are eating me alive! A nice big bottle of calamine lotion would be nice…or super death spray that kills them on contact! Haha my legs are pretty bad! Hurry! I want to get it before Christmas!  Family — you are constantly in my prayers!

Sister Johnson

P.S. wobbs! It’s good to hear from you. I got your first letter! It made my day! For reals I cant even tell you! I cant wait to get more! Oh and what is this I hear about Kevin getting engaged?? That is sooooo awesome! Congrats. I want to hear all of the juicy details! 

Hey good — Sister Roper you are tight like unto a dish luck out there in Rio. Keep your head up and trust in our call. Love ya!



  1. Hello everyone! I love the blog.

    I was wondering, is Kelsey allowed to receive emails apart from family members, and if not could you attach or forward one?

    best wishes,
    Eric Arocho

  2. It’s good to hear from you this week. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be funny but I was laughing about the pond story and the tricycle story. In my 3rd area I was in Bago and we were all americans living in our house (very rare I know). We were on our way back from a CSP and were riding a tricycle. We were just about to reach the peak of the top of the hill when it completely tipped back…it was so funny. We had to push it to the top of the hill and then get on.

    A couple other things….I was sitting in a hut and all of a sudden a coconut fell and hit my companion on the head (that could have been bad). It was hilarious though. Man I could think of so many funny things that only could happen there. Enjoy every moment. Hopefully you can get a good laugh at everything….even if you don’t think its funny now, you will later 🙂

    Sounds like your doing great. Keep up the great work. Palangga ta ka.


  3. Sister Johnson sounds so good. It seems that she and Sister Roper are both very grateful for the blessings that they have. I think that they both have had their eyes opened! Thanks for sharing Kelsey’s letters! I look forward to them! Did you get Heidi’s letter? Have you sent her a mosquito net? I hear they are great.

  4. How great it is that your doing the Lord wants you to do. I had to laugh at some of the stories bec. it brings back so much memories for me. I’m so happy that you are doing great down there. Keep up the good work. The Lord will bless you in so many ways.
    Ang panalangin ko ay nasa iyo.


  5. Kelsey!! I just discocered your blog VIA hermana Osbourne’s blog!! So fun, I will love reading your emails!!! keep serving hard! I pray for you!

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