Posted by: Susan Johnson | April 22, 2009

It Happened — I Forgot my First English Word!!!

Hey family!

   Yet again another week has flown by. By the way HAPPY BRITHDAY MOM!!!!!! Haha I thought about you all day! (even though you guys were still on Saturday!) I hope you had an amazing birthday and I wish I could have been there! You’re the best, most amazingly, wonderful mom anybody could ever ask for. I am so grateful for faithful parents who raised their children in righteousness. I cannot thank you enough. The things that this gospel has done for our family is endless…eternal even! I was thinking about that today and just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate you! Ok and here is the deal on email sorry dad I wasn’t blowing you off I swear! You see I have to get on and write first before I read otherwise I am on here way too long. So I will answer your questions now

img_0534111. Does your companion speak English? -Yes but only a little bit. Most of the time it is not a problem…but there are a lot of times I have no idea what is going on. 

2. Do the two of you get along? -yes we get along great! Haha we have a fun time together and are always joking around. She is awesome. She is always serving me which I feel so blessed. 

3. Are you happy? -yes I am very happy! Haha missionary work is awesome and each week things get better and better. Even though I cant understand hardly anything, I feel like it is improving! One day I will have it all down. I am really learning to trust in the Lord and not stress about anything. I trust in the call that God gave me and I know that he will provide a way! 

4. What is your apartment like? Please send a picture. -I have one coming your way. It’s not bad at all. img_05261It’s a little rough around the edges but I like it. There are a lot of little critters running around but I am getting more and more used to those. It has two levels so for exercise every morning I run in place which gets a little redundant and then I run up and down the stairs. Haha Sister Abrao thinks I’m so weird! She says BUANG KA which means your crazy! 

1st Baptism5. Have you had any baptisms? -Yes I had my first baptism! It was so awesome! The two teenage girls I told you about last week. Everything went great. Its funny because things are so different here in the Philippines. You thought Mormon standard time was bad in the U.S.–that is nothing compared to here. At first I was bothered by it but I am getting more and more used to it. The baptism was at 3 but when we got there at 3 we were the only people there and the gate to the church was locked! We waited around for a while…needless to say the baptism didn’t start till 4! Haha you just have to laugh 

6. Are the people nice? -the people are sooooo incredibly nice here. I don’t think I have met one person that has been rude to me. It is so nice. And all I have to do is say hi to people and they get so excited– its great. I get lots of stares though. Its funny walking down the street because all eyes are on me like they have never seen a big white hairy thing walking down the street. 

7. How many investigators are you teaching? – we are teaching about 7 or 8 progressing investigators-editedinvestigators and a lot (I’m not sure how many) but a lot of new or other investigators and we have 5 with a date for baptism. The investigators are amazing. I love them! 

8. What has been your most favorite moment? -there are too many to count…probably the baptism and confirmation. That is why I am out here!

9. How are you doing with the food? -haha I have eaten some pretty intense stuff but my stomach is…alright…haha you will never know the full story until after my mission! 😉 

10. What is the one thing I can do to help? -keep being awesome and sending me lots of lovin and support. It is really helpful and comforting. I love my fam! I have a picture of all of you that I carry around and show to people. Its so fun seeing their reactions. They think Colby is a monster…and Brady a troll…haha just kidding. They always tell me how beautiful my family is. And they are! 

11. Can you have an I-Pod to listen to conference talks and church music? -dad you know what I would love…a small CD player with speakers. I’m not talking like anything huge or fancy but just a walkman type thing with speakers that you plug in where the headphones go. If you can make that happen that would be awesome…please don’t go overboard — I know how you are! 

   Ok I am about out of time but I just have to tell one more story! The past two days I have seen 2 dead people…in caskets. And seeing as how I have only seen one viewing in my life and that was when I was younger, it was a new experience for me. They were both older people. One lady was 92! It was definitely a new experience and it just made me think about how important this work is to let people know that they will be able to see their loved ones again. I’m so grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. The more and more I work here the more and more I love and appreciate this gospel! It is amazing! Oh my goodness which reminds me! I had my first experience where I could not think of the English word!!! I promised I would write you about it mom. So nami wanted me to translate her testimony in English so I was and she wanted to say nagpasalamat ako para sa ebanghelyo ni jesukristo which is I’m grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Except for the life of me I could not remember what the word ebanghelyo was!! I could not think of it…I kept saying its ebanghelyo its ebanghelyo. Haha I was excited when that happended! Sadja! No dreams in Tagalog yet though. Those are still in English. But I’ll let you know when it happens! Gotta go- love you fam and friends. I pray for you often!! 

Love Sister Johnson



  1. That is so awesome Sister Johnson! I know that the Lord is guiding you in every step of the way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father wants all his children to come back in their presence. You are doing what the Lord wants you to do. Take care. Our thoughts and prayers are always w/you.


  2. Sister “big white hairy thing”,

    I love it. And I know it’s totally true. Nothing like having a tall blonde white girl walking around where they’ve never seen one. But what a great opportunity to share the gospel, di ba?

    We love to read your emails. I wish I could be there. I have not yet been to Bacolod but I bet that I could do some family history there. If not, just walking the streets would be kool.

    It’s great to hear of your strong desire to share the gospel.

    Ingat Ka!

  3. Good observation about us not keeping track of our time and being late. Probably that’s why it’s called “Filipino time”. You say the appointment is 7:00 and we’ll arrive at EXACTLY 8:00, lol..Better be used to it though especially with the investigators. I’m trying to break that little tradition though as I know it will only slow down the work.

    Your apartment seem to be better than those of the elders! a little tidier I meant.

    Great thing you haven’t encountered any rude investigator,er, people you’re tracting to. Hopefully that luck with continue. Probably because they were so dazzled with the “big white hairy thing” walking on the streets..LOL

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