Posted by: Susan Johnson | April 28, 2009

Many Adjustments a Body Makes!!!

Holy Moly! How is everyone doing??? It’s time to tell you about my daghan problemas! (many problems regarding my body) Haha I haven’t been telling you everything but my body has had quite the trip ever since I got out here. No worries — nothing serious just that it keeps Sister Abrao and I laughing 24-7! I have had everything from a cough to a fever to mosquito bites to rashes to stomach problems…all kinds!! All I eat is rice and grain and junk but I don’t know what else to eat to keep me regulated inside. haha the list goes on and on. But it’s nothing to worry about. Really — Sister Abrao and I get such enjoyment out of it actually! Hey mom in regards to the mosquitos — if you haven’t sent it yet — yes send the net and lotions or wipes. Yes they sell it here but it is mahal! Expensive! And if you could ever be so kind as to put some chocolate in there or something sweetly pure American!  

   This past week was full of ups and downs but over all good. The language is still really hard and I still can barely, if I strain my ears hard enough and scrunch up my face and think really hard, I can maybe understand them. Haha its all good though. Sister Abrao told me that it comes in steps. The first transfer is wala intindihan but by the end of the next transfer I will be able to understand a lot more. Yesterday intense though. We got to church and the Branch President asked Sister Abrao and I to be the speakers for the sacrament…needless to say my talk was in English. They actually do understand and speak quite a bit of English. They sing hymns in English and when people teach in church half of it is in English. So I really hope that they understood what I was trying to say or could at least feel the spirit of my message. So transfers are this week and I don’t know if I have told you but this is my companions last transfer so she is going home. She actually leaves early tomorrow morning to the mission home and flies home on Wednesday. Actual transfers aren’t until Friday so that leaves me with no companion for the next couple of days! What is a sister missionary to do?!! Don’t worry there are 2 sisters that live next door to us and we can go on splits or have the ward missionaries come with me. But for reals — I am really nervous because that means that I am the one leading the area and I’m sure Colby understands what I am talking about when I say that but its intimidating. I have to remember where all of the investigators live and less actives and members in the little villages and confusing streets of San Carlos. And you all know how good my sense of direction is. Plus on top of that there is no such thing as addresses in the Philippines! You just ask around until somebody knows who you are talking about and they point you in the right direction! Please keep me in your prayers. I know I will be relying on the spirit a lot for guidance for the next couple of days. 

   I don’t know if I have mentioned this too but the people here love music! Especially American songs! And they LOVE to blast it really, really loudly. Oh and they also love kariyoke. Its so funny because we will be in the middle of teaching in a little hut and then all of a sudden you will hear somebody belting Mariah Carey or Celene Dion really loudly. It does not make it easy to teach. I wish I could just shut it out and not hear it because it is really distracting. I try to quickly sing a hymn before the other song gets stuck in my head because that is not missionary minded! I have really grown to love the hymns of Zion! They are such a blessing and comfort to me. I get so much comfort from the lyrics and tunes. And mom I really did come to the right mission because my voice blends right in with their’s! It’s great — I don’t have to worry about singing off key! I love it here! Haha and I think each week my love for this place grows! Anywho well I better get going. Thanks for the love and support! I love you all!

Sister Johnson 

P.S. Wobbs! Please — I am dying to know what is up with you these days! I haven’t heard from you in forever! I want to know what your plans are for the future — who your husbands name is and how many kids you have already!  It better be juicy too! Haha l love you! Oh and please give me the latest with Kev and Sam and Dustin and Bora and all of those kids. 

P.S.S. Hey how is Riley doing? Volleyball? Driving? Girls?? 

P.S.S.S. Is Trigger dead yet? 

P.S.S.S.S. Bird — congrats on the temple that is so awesome! Garments are the greatest aren’t they! Continue to go — it is so important especially the covenants you make there. They will serve as a protection for you. A literal protection. I hope you are preparing to go out in the field and tear it up. Read Preach my Gospel – it is amazing — and start now to build up your knowledge of the scriptures! Oh and I loved your poem – it was awesome…how is Marteen doing these days? 

P.S.S.S.S.S. Colby write to me!!!


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