Posted by: Colby Johnson | April 29, 2009

New Pictures!!!

I have been withholding and I am sorry.  I have just gone through and updated The past letters Sister Johnson has sent by supplimenting them with pictures.   Go back to the past posts and enjoy the pictures; you’ll have to go way back for one of them!


Colby Johnson



  1. Kelsey – I have been so bad and not written – but hey here I am now and I’m soooo impressed with your letters and pictures!! WOW girl you are having one fabulous, wonderful experience. Keep up the good work and continue informing us. We all love that! You are always in our thoughts and prayers!! Luv 2 U and hang in there with the food you poor soul!

  2. As always its always great to read your letters. I know what your going through w/ mosquitos, using tabo for showers, washing clothes by hands. Love the pics they bring back so much memories for me. Keep up the good work. Your always in our prayers. We love you…….

    Emy Krauss

    P.S. Jeff’s mom is from Bacolod, she was born there on Washington St. I don’t know if it still existed!

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