Posted by: Colby Johnson | July 7, 2009

4 Americans Celebrate the 4th with . . . French Toast???

Hey one and all!
I hope you all had an awesome fourth of July! I did too. Here in the Philippines it is American friendship day – haha funny huh? Since there are 4 Americans in our little compound – the Folsoms, Sister Mcbride and I – we all wanted to do something so in the morning we had a huge American breakfast with pancakes and French Toast, then later on we went out for lunch. It was fun. Then it was back to work. The rest of the day went really well.
Remember me telling you about Mariel – the girl who we are teaching from America? She is so awesome and earlier last week she accepted a baptismal goal and wants to be baptized, except there is a little snafoo. She was planning on staying here and going to school but now her parents want her back in the states so she heads back next Sunday, so no baptism for her here. We will just have to transfer her to the missionaries in California – sorry Brady not in your neck of the woods although that would be one crazy coincidence! She is so awesome though and I feel so blessed to have been able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help her come unto the knowledge of the restored gospel.
The work here is continuing the go really well for us here in San Carlos. I truly love it here and the people. As I am understanding more and more, I love interacting with them and just being a goofball like I always am. It is so fun teaching the gospel and bearing my testimony everyday! Yea there are definitely hard days – there is no denying that but I love it. I love the things I am learning and the people I am meeting and the beautiful paradise around me. I love the spirit. I am sooooo grateful for it in this work. I love those moments where I feel the spirit and just feel so happy and comforted. I treasure them. And I want so badly for others to feel of what I have had basically all my life. Another thing I am so grateful for is where I have grown up. We all are so incredibly blessed to have the things we have. There are people here with literally nothing. We are teaching this one family with 13 kids!! Half of them don’t have sandals to go to church and their mom is a single mom. The dad up and left them! She is soooo strong though. She is one woman who has faith and is happy even in the hard times. She is always laughing and joking around. I have a thing or two to learn from her.
Today we just got done with our zone activity. We went to this place called Big Tree – oddly enough there is a big tree there. And I’m talking huge. It looks so cool. We had lunch there, got some cool pictures, and played some games. It was cool. Oh hey we officially have a new Mission President. I haven’t met him yet but him and his wife will drop by on Friday. I am really excited to meet him. You too Brady? I saw that your mission got a new Mission President in a church magazine. Well that is all for now. Love you fam. Keep staying strong in the church please –  it is worth any and every sacrifice!
Sister Johnson
PS: Mom I laughed so hard when you told me about Michael Jackson and how you shed your fare share of tears. I thought about the good old days when I would look over at you and when something sad on TV was happening I’d ask obnoxiously – are you crying? And then you would get mad at me cuz I wasn‘t feeling it! Haha don’t you miss me mom? Joke
PS: Brady you are awesome! Keep working hard and if you feel like you are out of energy – pray! I know God hears and answers our prayers even about temporal things. It is so true he can help us in every aspect of our life. If you have a second I would really recommend you read the talk given by Elder Hales in the last conference and apply it to the parts of the natural man in you that hinder the work.
PS: Colby your a stud and Tara you’re a studette! I love you both and look up to you so much. Whenever I am tired or think I can’t do it, I think of you Colby and how you would respond.
PS: grabi Hid I want to write to you so bad but my time is so gamay! I will keep trying though. I am so grateful for you and your words of comfort and encouragement – it helps so much. Wobbs you too I pray for you guys every


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