Posted by: Colby Johnson | July 16, 2009

Missionary Work is on Fire in our Branch!

Hey Fam and Friends–
Things are continuing to go great for me here in San Carlos Branch one San Carlos City Negros Occidental Philippines! (That’s as close as you get to my address – oh and I live on Broce Street, close to the intersection of Lacson and Broce. Try looking it up on google map or something.  The church we go to is really big and nice. It is new and it is on Gustillo Street, close to where I live. Have fun looking those places up and tell me what you find! You might even see me!
So the big news for this week was our baptism on Saturday! It went off without a hitch. It was sister Mariel Berang-Berang, niece of Alvera. She is only 12 but awesome none the less. The Lord has blessed us greatly here in this part of his vineyard and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. We have a lot of progressing investigators that have baptisms coming up in the next couple weeks. The big question is if I will be transferred or not. I cannot believe another transfer has flown by! Transfers are on the 24th and we find out the Tuesday before who is going where. Sister Cudac thinks I will be transferred but I don’t know – we will have to see. I’m fine with where ever the Lord needs me – I fly by the seat of my skirt! (not pants anymore!)
We are looking forward to another baptism on Saturday. I am really excited for this one because it is Mariel (yes there are 2 Mariels) the girl from California that we have been teaching in English. She is so awesome and the last time we met she told us how much happier she is and how much she loves the things she is learning. She is really excited for her baptism. Then after the lesson she went with all the youth for reactivation. What is that you ask.. (because I didn’t know when they told me) – it’s where all the youth get together and visit all the inactive youth and invite them to come to church. All in all they visited 26 inactive youth and some of them came to church yesterday! It was so awesome! The youth here are so amazing. Seriously I love them so much! Every time we have an investigator who is a youth they are so good at fellowshipping and making them feel welcome. They really take them under their wings. The place where we have found the most success is with the youth. They are so open and receptive and their hearts are not hardened by the things of this world. Brady don’t undermine the power of the youth. Utilize the youth in your ward to the best of your ability. Also try finding youth to teach. I’m telling you that is where its at.
I’m so excited for our little branch! I don’t know what it is but something has lit a fire under them to where they are more into the missionary work. The Relief Society has been going out and contacting the less active and our Branch President has really stepped up and got things going and things running more smoothly in our branch. It has made such a big difference! For example, yesterday at church I remember looking around and thinking man there are a lot of people at church today! And then I found out that our total attendance was 180! Where it has usually been around 130-140. All in all things are going really good!
Oh quick random story! So this week we ran into some drunk Catholics! Haha it was the funniest thing! This guy sees us walk by and calls us over and because I am white he is talking to us in English. I said, as I usually do, to people who try to speak English to me — wala ko kasabut inggles! Which means I don’t understand English. So then he starts talking in Cebuano and it was the funniest thing. He sounded like the biggest American trying to speak Cebuano. He had the worst accent ever and he was full Filipino. I was so confused at first so I just started laughing. Then of course these kind of people are all the same. They ask you tons of questions somehow managing to not let you get a word in and then they start saying how they are right and you are wrong. Ha ha good times. We were able to keep our calm and not be aggressive with him. It sure was funny though with some of the things he was saying! Good times! Well that’s all for now – until next time! I love you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers! I need that!

Sister Johnson

PS: I have yet to meet my Mission President yet. He was supposed to stop by on Friday but wasn’t able to make it so this Wednesday he will.


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