Posted by: Susan Johnson | July 21, 2009

I Got to Ride a Caribou!

Kamusta kamo!
   This is going to be quick and sweet and to the point! Because basta I don’t have a lot of time! So this past week was great gihapon. The baptism of Mariel the American girl was sooooo good. Probably one of my favorites just because out of all of our recent converts, I have seen the biggest changes in her life because of the gospel. It feels so good to have helped her come unto Christ and live a better life. Her testimony was so powerful after her baptism. She expressed how grateful she is for the gospel and how much happier she is. Her mom is inactive so she is excited to reactivate her when she gets back to the states.
   I was able to meet my new mission president this week…President Tobias. He seems like a really awesome guy and will do great here in the mission! I’m excited to get to know him more because he is going to be my main Mission President. He is from Manila and sends his regards to you momma and papa!  Last week for CSP we went to the bukid (mountains) of Canlaon (elders area) and helped one of their recent converts fix her house. The little hut was completely crooked and looked like you could blow it over. Well we knocked it down and are going to build it back up again. It was fun. Plus the area there is so beautiful! I cant describe it – there is nothing like it in the states. Oh plus I got to ride a caribou! Haha it was sweet – I will have to send you some pics…another time.
   Transfers are this week and we find out tomorrow who is transferring. I’m kind of feeling that I will transfer but we will see. If one of us does it’s off to Bacolod on Friday for transfers. Our investigators are doing well. We are so busy right now teaching. Yesterday was fun because we had some branch missionaries with as well as one of our investigators! He bore his testimony and everything when we were in teaching appointments – it is so powerful too! Well that’s about it. I love you all and pray that you are standing steadfast and immovable always abounding in good works! For consider the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. Oh be wise can I say more.
Sister Johnson


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