Posted by: Susan Johnson | July 28, 2009

I’ve Been Transferred — to a 3rd Language! (Illongo)

Maayong Aga!

   Hello family and friends! Another week has flown by and whether or not I was transferred nobody knows – except for me. Well anywho – yes I was transferred! I am now in Bago City which is directly west of San Carlos on the opposite shoreline. And I am now speaking Illongo! Waay kabalaka hapos lang! Illongo is so cool haha. When I first got here I was so shocked at how they were speaking. I was like why are they talking like that? When they talk they raise and lower their voices a lot. Kind of like singing. This part of the Philippines is known for their accent. It’s fun though and as far as the conversion from Cebuano to Illongo, they are really similar so it shouldn’t be too bad. I can still converse with them and they can understand. The people here are sooooo welcoming and inviting and generous! Don’t worry mom I will get fed well here and so will my little rice poochy that is getting bigger as we speak! Ay grabe! I already love the people especially the members. They are strong and faithful. I have only been here 3 days and I am really impressed with them and their spirit. I’m excited to get working in this area. We are in charge of 2 wards which is going to be a challenge! My new companion is Sister Talivakaola (sister Tali for short). She was actually my neighbor in San Carlos my first transfer in the field. I probably sent a picture of her. Anywho she is from Tonga and a lot of fun. Haha this will be a good transfer. On Saturday we got things started off with a baptism! Sister Arlou-may…kono? I am so bad with names here! It’s hard when the names and the words all sound the same and I can’t distinguish between them! It was cool to see how baptisms were run here in Bago. It was a really nice service.
   My apartment here in Bago – haha let’s just say I was spoiled in San Carlos – really spoiled! Half of it was a garage that they turned into a house so it kind of has a dungeon feel to it. Then there’s the bathroom – haha its definitely a Filipino bathroom. It’s a small room with a toilet bowl looking thing with no back where you flush or toilet seat! And if you want to flush you have to fill a bucket up with water and pour it down. Then next to the toilet bowl is just a drain where you stand and have your bucket shower. Nothing separates the toilet and the shower. Good times – I love it though because its everything I ever wanted!
   My last week in San Carlos was hard saying all the goodbyes. I am really going to miss all the members and investigators that I have gotten to know and love over the past 4 months. And I’m really really going to miss my companion, Sister Cudac! She was so much fun. We worked hard and were obedient and found success and had fun while doing it. It kind of felt like leaving home and was hard at first here in Bago but I am adjusting now. I don’t know if I will ever see some of those people again. I hope that one day I can return and visit.
   Well family I love you all so much and miss you a ton but I know that we will meet again and I am willing to sacrifice my time with you to help other families have what we have and are blessed with day to day. I love this gospel and it gives me so much joy. I’m so grateful for the covenants I have made with God. This life is a race of endurance. We must prove faithful until the very end. I’m so grateful for temples here on earth. A place of peace and safety from the world. Please if you live near a temple please take advantage of it. The people here have to sacrifice soooo much to go to Manilla when in America they are everywhere. I cannot wait until the day I can go through again and experience that peace and love. I know that the covenants we make at baptism prep us for further covenants we make in the temple to more fully take upon us the name of Christ and be disciples of Him. Go as often as you can! Palangga ka ta!

Sister Johnson

PS: Colby thank you so much for your email last week. For real it meant so much to me and I found great comfort from your words of wisdom. Seriously it was so good. The things you talked about teaching them how to fish instead of giving them a fish really hit home because that is something I have been trying to work out. Here in the Philippines it is easy to find people and teach them and baptize because they are very religious and accepting people but retention is really hard. And I have been trying to figure out how I can help build a solid testimony in my converts so that when the winds blow they will be strong. I hate the idea of baptizing and knowing that they will just go inactive – do you have any more ideas or advice? Your awesome and I hope your finals went okay and that you passed and that your bronco made it to St Louey. I love you both.




    Hey woman. I just love your emails. I can’t wait to read them every week. I know you mainly write for your family but I feel like I am apart of it too….You know you always wanted an older sister right ??? Grabe, sagad ka sang ilonga ba!!! I love your ilongish cuz siempre naintiendehan ako. Ti, bago was my 3rd area. Budlay siya, no? I swear all we did was tract in that area. But since you have 2 areas it should be better. Well, yes that apartment is gamay and interesting and definitely the FULL experience. Enjoy it while you can…if you can. Oh, I wish I could walk the streets with you and see if all the old people we taught are there. I will have to look for my list of people and see if you know any of them, if not, you could find them. Who doesn’t want more work right 🙂

    Ti, Halong ka ha? Have an awesome week!!! Nagapaminsar ko kag pangamuyo para sa imo pierme.

    Sisters in Zion-

  2. Keep up the good work Sister Johnson! Great to hear you are doing so well 🙂

    Miss and love you all the way from Arizona!

    ❤ Bonessa

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