Posted by: Susan Johnson | October 21, 2009

This Transfer to Silay is Just what I Needed!

(Oct. 18, 2009) Sooooorrrry mom and fam and friends! Grabi last week I wrote the email and everything and it was a good one too then the computer was being weird and not working so sorry I wasn’t able to get it out.  Conference was soooo amazing though. I can’t even tell you how much those messages answered my prayers. I’m not even kidding. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I know that the true church of God is run by apostles and prophets.
Sooooooo yes transfers were this week and where am I now????? YES I did transfer and I am now in Silay City which is north of Bacolod, still on the shoreline. We are white washing or in Brady’s terms shot gunning. To answer your question mom yes there are senior companions with sisters and I am still junior. My new companion is Sister Rellora (rel-y-ora). This area is sooooo sweet though!!. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to work here. It’s weird because when we rolled in  right away I had the distinct impression that I was coming home. I also feel like I know my companion from before or something. It’s weird but just proves we are assigned to specific areas for a purpose and I can’t wait to find out what my purpose is here in Silay. Its a huge area! Two wards like Bago, but it makes it all the more fun. The wards are great and the ward missionaries are top of the line! They make our job easy! I’ve never encountered anything like it! It’s awesome. This transfer is just what I needed. I wasn’t progressing in Bago. I was just stuck in this huge rut of frustration that seemed almost impossible to get out of but I feel like I can finally clear my head and think straight. This work is very stressful at times but I am learning to love it. Which reminds me I need to apologize because I have not been fulfilling my purpose as a missionary in my emails. I need to do a better job of it. Soooooo Bird (Brady) this mission is NO easy thing. Grabi some of the experiences I have had I have never expected I would encounter here on the mission. But keep your head up. Those dark days will come but that just means that the sun is just around the corner. TRUST IN GOD. This is the biggest thing I am learning here. Trust in him that he knows what is best and everything will work out for the best even if its hard right now. Maybe you are supposed to learn something and this is the only way to learn it. Check out Moroni 9:25 – your awesome. Oh Bird, I had the best personal study the other day. Maybe you can have the same. Read chapter 8 PMG about accountability. Set your goals and hold yourself accountable or you will never achieve them! Happy reading bro your awesome and an example to me! love ya!
And fam you’re awesome too. Keep reading your scriptures and finding those people who are prepared to hear the gospel. ITS YOUR JOB TO FIND THEM  so stop acting like its a burden and go to work to save our brothers and sisters. Make it a matter of prayer and I know the Lord blesses us with the righteous desires of our hearts.
Sister J
PS: we are teaching a family with the last name Kraus! Sweet maybe related
PS: Hid and Wobbs you smell and keep writing to me
PS: Yea!!! She doesn’t have 3 knees!!! Thats awesome!



  1. Hah, Kraus. That’s funny. We don’t spell our name the same way, but I’m sure they are my brothers and sisters since we are all brothers and sisters.
    My mom is the one from Bacolod. Her last name was Vasquez. She lived on Washington Street if you ever get to see where that is.

    Love ya Sister Johnson. You’re amazing!! I love to hear your stories.

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