Posted by: Susan Johnson | November 3, 2009

Our Teaching Appointments were at the Cemetery!


(Nov. 1, 2009) Howdy Yall! Kamusta kamu?? Ok-lang ako. Naga padayon sa work diri sa Silay. Nami gid ang area. Ang mga members gahatag madamo sang mga referrals. Kabalo ko ini nga obra ang obra sang Dios!! Woot woot
So mom I’m glad to hear that you got my pics! I hope you enjoyed them as I do! I can’t wait to be there with you and describe these amazing people I have the opportunity to work with and brush shoulders with. I’m sure Brady can agree you meet some of the coolest people on your mission! As far as my companion…haha its interesting you ask. Things are a little interesting in that department. She is awesome and I love her to death but she doesn’t talk to me. I feel like I am living with a stranger. I barely know her. We don’t talk at all. Its awkwardly quiet all the time and I don’t know what to do! I find myself saying the most off the wall random comments just to get her to respond to me (haha its like dads analogy where there is a lose wire flying around in my head and when it makes contact with something, something weird comes out of my mouth!) Earlier today the AP’s dropped by and gave me some really good advice that I will try but I don’t know – this is weird to me. She is one of those people that I could see me being really good friends with. She likes to skim board and do cool stuff like that too. There is one thing I am sure of though and I say this with 100 percent honesty…even though it is awkward I am so glad I am companions with her because she is an amazing teacher! When she teaches its amazing and I am learning so much from her by just observing. Its so awesome. Its like I found what I have been missing. And for that I will take the silence gladly.
As for Halloween here, they don’t celebrate it like we do. They celebrate it on Nov 1st and everybody goes to the patio or cemetery and drink, gamble, and hang out and visit dead people so as for our day yesterday all of our teaching appointments were at the cemetery! We just kinda wandered around trying to find people that were dying to be taught! haha
This week, oh man, I have been learning a lot about myself and the atonement. Grabi gid I want all of you to open your scriptures and read Alma 33 right now!! It is sooooo good. Its about the atonement and how you can receive peace through the Son. I wish I could elaborate but I have no time na. so please read it and pray beforehand for the spirit to accompany you in your studies. I know that we can receive peace in troubled times through the Savior! I love you all Halong
Sister Johnson
PS: Mom I got your amazingly huge package. After lugging it all around Bacolod for p-day, I can’t wait to open it. Oh and mom you would love it here – the past 3 Sundays we have sung Christmas songs in church and yesterday they said Merry Christmas over the pulpit.
PS: Hid where did you go?? Man I need to hear from you rill bad. Please write to me. Give me some of your inspired messages. You ALWAYS seem to say the right things to me that I need to hear.
PSS: Wobbs I got 2 of your letters. I was sooooo excited because it has been forever since you last wrote! It made me sooooo happy. I love your guts and please tell hid to write to me!




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