Posted by: Susan Johnson | November 24, 2009

We Called the Caribou Cowpies my Birthday Cake!

(11-22-09) Hey Fam and friends!
Thank you so much for all of the lovin for my birthday! It was an awesome birthday here in the Philippines! I had so much fun! Tuesday we went on splits again with the same sisters as before except this time I went to the other sisters area in Victorias. It is so sweet there…literally. It is a huge sugarcane town and they have a huge milling factory where they process all of the sugarcane. It smells so good when you go out and the sisters house there is, no joke, like a mansion! They are livin it up in luxury over there. I felt like I was on vacation! Haha and it was with the same sister…Sister Delos Santos that helped me so much last time and this time was no different. I love this girl and look up to her so much and the advice that she gives me. It was great. So Wednesday morning I woke up  in the posh mansion and we made some good old American pancakes. It was so good. Then we had personal study and comp study, then for the morning we worked in Victorias. It could not have been better. I was grinning from ear to ear I could hardly stand it. We worked out in no mans land in the sugarcanes. We were hiking out in the sugarcanes forever until we got to their house. I’m not even kidding stuff like that is why I love this mission sooooooo much. My surroundings were amazing. It was rolling hills of sugarcane. Haha and if you think about it – its kinda funny a cana (american) and a pinoy (flipina) hiking out in the sugarcanes in skirts going to teach the gospel. And teach we did. We taught 2 families. It was great, then after we went down to this stream where there were like 8 carabou chillin in the water and the cutest baby caribou. It was so sweet. These hard working beasts are so gentle and you can go up and touch them and they could care less. So we hung with the caribou down in the stream for a bit and got some sweet pics. Im telling you I was loving it. I thought my birthday would be so not exciting but oh what unexpected, lovely surprises. I am so glad we went on exchanges. After that we hiked back. And we even found some caribou cake for my birthday! Caribou cake is like cow pie and just as smelly! We stuck some sticks in it and called it a birthday cake…I even have pictures for proof.  Mom I wished so bad I brought your goofy paper thing that says my name and how old I am. You would have loved it.
Speaking of presents by the way thank you so much mom I loved the clothes. I’m not even kidding – you did a good job and I have to give you props. I really like the purple shirt and the skirt is sweet and flowy and breezy! The only thing that doesn’t fit is the black and white and grey striped top. It fits weird but I can just give that away to somebody here who needs it more then me. Also wobbs yes I got your pack too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I can’t even tell you how much it meant to me and I loved what was inside. Mmmmm reeses and the cards and I’m not gonna lie – the silly putty was extra special. Hid I have yet to get your package. We get cargo on Wed. so hopefully it will be there. Thanks too for the replacement undergarments – They were holier then the temple and that is pretty holy!  And thank you so much for the Ensign! We have yet to get that edition here yet. I love it! Oh and mom hold your pants, hold your pants my companion is Filipina and from daet bicol Philippines.  And man I am way over time now so I gotta go but I love you all and thanks again. Our baptism went really well and transfers are this week! Dasig ang horas! Next time I email I might be in a new place!
Sister j
PS: for p-day today we went to Patag again and went to the sweetest waterfall ever! It was huge and amazing and I love Gods creations. We were in a piece of heaven today!

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