Posted by: Susan Johnson | December 9, 2009

Life is a Spiritual Journey

(Dec. 6, 2009) Hello yall.  This week was great. We got a lot of work done and had fun while doing it. My new companion – Sister Galicia is so awesome. We get along great and have fun joking around and laughing together. Our teaching is really good too. We can flow and feel the spirit. We have two baptismal goals this week too. It will be fun to see the progress of this branch. Our main focus is future priesthood leaders…really strong solid leaders. That is something that this ward is lacking and we feel will be most beneficial.

This last weekend was district conference…like stake conference except for the district. it was sweet – a member from the 70 came and spoke. He was so bold and I loved it. I really like being bold. Also one of the highlights for me was when I saw one of my favorite converts – Rusty Gonzales stand up when they called out the men who would be ordained to the office of Elder and receive the Melchizedeck priesthood. I could not have been happier! Other than that a lot of the conference was about how important it is to serve a mission for the boys and all the blessings you will receive from it. I know that is true. I have already seen blessings in my life from serving. Especially in my family. I’m so grateful for you guys and the choices and spiritual progression you all have made. Life is a spiritual journey and there is no plateau. We can always progress and always become better.

The members here are great. I actually know most of them already from when I served here before. It has also been so fun seeing all the members and investigators from my old area. It’s so cool there is this one investigator from my old ward that has been an eternal investigator on account of her husband…they are not yet married and when I was there we would teach to him but he would never come to church. Now he comes to church all the time and they are getting married on the 19th!  It’s so awesome! And then both of them will be baptized right after! In my branch now we have a wedding coming up and baptism right after so that is exciting. I will keep you guys posted.

Well I love you all and Merry Christmas…mom don’t stress too much but I am excited for your rhyming letter. Oh and please send me the invite of lawen…but I don’t  know if she sent me one. Yes I had a slight idea that she was getting married but I didn’t know the details…I do know her husband though…Devin Burns right? Her and him were way tight before he left on his mission. They are so perfect for each other. I am so excited for them.  Has hid sent her invites yet? I want to see…speakin of hid – HID I got your birthday package and oh man hid I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was!! Hid thank you sooooooooo much for everything! It means so much to me. Thanks for the pics and letter too – it’s a relief to finally hear from you….you still haven’t told me how he proposed! But hid I have to tell you I think my favorite thing in that package was the POP TARTS!!!! Haha I loved it! Thanks again.

Sister Johnson


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