Posted by: Susan Johnson | December 15, 2009

If You Fall — Make it look Ridiculous!

(Dec. 13, 2009) Hey yo – How are you all? This week was an eventful week. Full of ups and downs.  As far as traditions here, its funny. They have lights up everywhere and cheesy decorations – it is so sweet. And here it’s called Pasko. So Brady, say to your Filipino investigator next time — MAAYONG PASKO! They will love it. Also caroling is big here! Little groups of kids will just come up to you and bang on little drums that they made and little shaker things and sing to you! This one time we were in the middle of teaching a lesson and these carolers  just came up and started singing. Haha also mom you would love it – in the plaza they have this huge Christmas tree thing that is all lit up. Its sweet I will have to get a picture.
I have a funny story. I fell twice this week. I mean full out fell over sprawled on the ground with my stuff all array! Haha it must have looked so ridiculous…which is good because if you fall you better make it look as ridiculous as you can so at least people can get a laugh out of it. So the first time I fell we were at this place called Kainggat and I tripped over a rock and fell all the way down – right in front of this kid and his cow. I picked my self up while the boy and the cow stared at me. Then the second time we were walking to our apartment and it was wet so my feet slipped from under me and I landed smack on my bum in a puddle. Unfortunately, I was wearing a white shirt which didn’t fare out to well. Man sister Galicia and I laughed so hard. When we got back to the apartment we have this thing where in the apartment we speak English and outside we speak Cebuano. Well we got back to the apartment and she said “are you clumsy or what?” I just wish you could have heard how she said it with her accent it was so funny.  Palugput talaga!
Anywho, so the work is going well here. We are having fun. We met this guy yesterday who had been taught by the missionaries a long time ago but stopped because he moved to a different place but he didn’t want to forget what they taught him so he named his first born son Joseph after Joseph Smith. Well now he is back so we are going to start teaching him. I am excited to see how things work out with him. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Sister Johnson

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