Posted by: Susan Johnson | December 21, 2009

I Feel Happy when the Spirit Works Through Me

December 20, 2009) MAAYONG PASKO family and friends – Hey y’all its Christmas time and time for a carol time sing blah blah blah blah blah. Man mom I miss all of your cheesy Christmas music! haha It’s true I haven’t heard a lot of Christmas music here. per ok-lang.
Things are going well – I don’t have a lot of time but I am excited to talk to you all on Christmas (dad has the details.) This week will be sweet because on the 23rd we have a ward Christmas party. That will be sweet. Then the 24th we go to Bacolod for a Christmas conference. All of the missionaries on Negros island will be there. Then the 25th we will get to play with the members all day and eat way too much rice and binignit! Then the 26th if all goes well I will get to talk to you all!
This week was so much better. Seriously this whole mission thing is a humbling experience and I am learning a lot…slowly but surely. The work is so swell though. I think I told you guys about Charlie – the guy we tracted into that named his kid Joseph after Joseph Smith! Yea he is pretty much amazing! So humble and his heart is in the right place and he is just so nice! We are excited for him. This last Sunday we were the speakers and I did what you said dad — I gave a talk about loud boys! 🙂 galing the Branch President was not there…ok-lang. Then we had 6 investigators at church! It was sweet and one couple in particular came – Neiva and Roberto Montinola. They are so awesome and progressing really well. This next January should be exciting! I love teaching because I can feel the spirit working through me and that is where I feel happy.
Sister Galicia is a blessing. We get along really well and have so much fun and I get to be my weird self and do weird things where she is confused half the time and doesn’t know what I’m doing! Its great.  Then earlier today was sweet — I was reading in Helaman 10:4-5 and I made it personal to me – about Nephi and how he is sorrowing but the lord speaks comfort to him. I wondered if the Lord could say those things about me. Then for companionship study it was so funny because we were reading a talk from the last general conference – the one by Elder Eyring – be ready and he quoted that exact passage of scripture! crazy huh! it was so awesome.
Well I gotta go now but I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Wiwee – have fun with mom and dad…and Trigger. (I always tell people that I have a dog that is about to die…have I told you guys yet that I have a dog here??? Haha – don’t worry its not by my choice. If it was up to me I would let the stinky thing go but its the owners and she keeps it here so we have to take care of it. Its name is Queenie and one of its eyes are turned in. Its creepy  and no joke I have to pick up its little presents everyday! So riley don’t think that I’m off the hook just because I am on a mission!!! I’m still picking up dog doo!) Anywho I don’t know where I was going with that but have a Merry Christmas and Colby and Tara you too. I love you both. And birdy – you are awesome and such and inspiration. I hope you have an awesome Christmas. and hid and wobbs I hope that life is just amazing for you both and you are loving life…wobbs its been awhile girl how are ya?? I love you all!
Sister Johnson

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