Posted by: Susan Johnson | January 6, 2010

I Spent all but 14 Days in the Service of the Lord in 2009!

(Jan. 3, 2010) Happy New Year! Yes happy new year to you all! Can you believe it is 2010. What a trip. It was good to think that I spent all but 14 wasted days in the service of the Lord in 2009! That has got to be like my most productive year yet! Haha Things are going really well too. I am feeling happier and happier which is good (that was until I read your email mom about Hids wedding and then I was sad. Man I wish so bad I could have been there. You all know how much I hate missing out on things especially big things like this. That day was my trunky day…but don’t worry I worked hard. Anywho new years was awesome! Haha we had so much fun…my companion and I – we had to be home before dark because it gets crazy outside on new years. President said we could watch Disney movies which I think was a joke because what missionaries have a TV in their apartment? We found Aladdin at the church but no TV. That’s ok though. Sister Galicia and I returned home before dark and had some fun. After planning we did a little bit of reading and then played scrabble that we borrowed from a member. Haha it was so funny because we played in English and my companion who is not as skilled in English totally beat me! I was like what? Haha we were laughing so hard. Then after that we had a dance party to Mormon Tab and EFY and made some more goofy movies that you will enjoy some day mom. We had some Filipino spaghetti and when 12 struck, I plastered Sister Galicia with some silly string that Toribio sent me! (ahahahhaha mom, hid and wobbs – remember TORIIIBIO? haha he sent me a package a long time ago I can’t remember if I ever told) anywho so that was cool and then we went to bed. Here in the Philippines they have fireworks that they shoot off after Christmas until new years and when 12 hits it sounds like a war zone outside! It was astig! So new years was fun.
Man I am really enjoying the work now. I feel like I have cleared my head a lot and that the Lord is helping me big time! The past 2 weeks I have really been able to feel the spirit working through me. I have felt the power of my calling as I bear testimony to our investigators. I feel words coming out of my mouth that are not my own. I thrive on this. This is what I love. This is what makes me happy is to feel the spirit working through me. Another thing I absolutely love is being bold with our investigators. I love just laying it out to them and telling them what they need to do. I am able to feel the spirit confirm my words. One teaching in particular last night we taught a lady named Bergie Agirre. Man she is like one of the saddest people I have met here. Sad as in every time we teach to her my heart goes out to her because she just seems so sad and the trials of life have really weighed her down. She needs the gospel to save her life. Well last night she told us that she wanted to take a “rest” from us visiting her.  I didn’t catch the whole reason why but I felt a determination to not let that happen. We shared with her about prayer especially the story in Mosiah 24. If you guys have a chance, please check it out. It is so good! We related to her that these people when told that they could not pray could have easily “rested” from their prayers but no they poured out their whole souls unto God until he eased the burdens on their back so they could not feel them and eventually delivered them out of bondage. We told her that she cannot rest from us especially when she is so close. We told her how much she needs this in her life and that the Lord will ease her burdens and resting will only make it worse. The spirit was so strong and we could feel she was touched…the good news is we will visit her again! I love the spirit so much. It works miracles. I know that no matter how weak or unworthy or uncapable the servant is, the Lord can still use them to touch another life for good. Please this new year, evaluate the things that you can to personally bring the spirit into another’s life so that they can feel the love of God. Remember its good to have a testimony but when we don’t share or nourish it – it withers and dies. I love you all. Amping ka jud!
Sister johnson
PS: oh and guess what – when you guys come we will have to take a day and go to Cebu to do a session in the Cebu temple because when you guys come is like right when it is dedicated and opens! Sweet!
PSS: so hid….how’s the married life?
PSSSSS: so warbles what are u up to these days let me know woman! I miss u like crazy!

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