Posted by: Susan Johnson | January 19, 2010

So Much for the Exciting Boat Ride!

OiY Family and friends Kamusta!
Did you miss me?? I skipped last week just for a dramatic effect! Just kidding! I don’t like p-days that much you know…its more like patay-day…for all you Filipino speakers out there only you will get that so anywho….man I have some good stories for you all today! Hahaha I have been waiting to tell you guys because I think you will get a kick out of this. Soooooo first off transfers waay kabalaka dili ko nag-saylo. Naa pa ko  sa San carlos Uban kay Sister Galicia (I’m still in San Carlos with Sister Galicia)which is totally fine by me. Sister Galicia and I have way too much fun together. But with transfers we got a new addition to the compound — the Adams family do do do do snap snap. A new senior couple moved into where the previous couples were. They are way cool too! So anywho here is my story. Background info: if you are a foreigner missionary, at least once during your mission you have to go to Panay which is the other island which I have not yet been too. So you go to Panay and they get your fingerprints so if you get arrested…you know all the legal stuff. Story: so my name was called and so was the Adams. It made it really easy because I could just ride with them. So last Wednesday I hopped in the car with them waved goodbye to my companion and we left for Bacolod. That night I stayed with some sisters whose area is in Bacolod and then the next morning we were heading to Panay. I was soooooo excited because I have never been to Panay yet and I was most excited for the boat ride over! I thought it would be way cool…it wasn’t haha that boat ride was the worst thing in my entire life!!! Just picture this – me sitting in this enclosed boat. Its kind of like a plane on the inside. Its not open.  So I’m sitting there and the person to my right is hacking up his lunch in his hat. Then the person to my left has his face in a puke bag. The people behind me, Sister Adams in front of me, and everybody around me is throwing up!. No joke I think I was the only person on that boat not throwing up! I have never been in one place with this many people throwing up!!! I’m not even kidding. I just wish you guys could have seen it. People where making awful, retching noises. And the little attendant people were running around like chickens with their heads cut off handing out bags left and right! Thank heavens I was able to keep it together…I don’t know how though! I wish you could have seen me. I sat there with my head in between my legs plugging my ears singing a church song and pretending I was somewhere else. The problem was it was stormy when we traveled so that boat was everywhere – up, down, left, right, for an hour and a half! Oh man when we got to the dock everyone like got up and ran to the door. So much for my boat ride that I was so excited for! Haha it makes me laugh now…you know after two rides of that I think I am over my puking phobia! Haha – Hid you remember that one time in our apartment! Sorry I just thought of that and laughed!
Anywho, so the rest of the day was cool. We spent it on Panay and went to some tourist places…it was a good way to spend my ONE YEAR MARK unsa ma na oiy! I cant even believe it! One year! That is so unreal. It was cool because it wasn’t just me and the Adams, but it was a bunch of us foreigners. Elder Theobald from my batch was there so we got to hang out – it was sweet! We had a little one year anniversary party…by party I mean give our fingerprints. Yahoo. Don’t worry I’m not trunky, I will keep working until the very end.
Oiy one more story! So this last Sunday I taught the gospel principles class. We were talking about agency and so I did this demonstration. I had it all planned out except for one part. My plan was to display 2 boxes – a really nicely wrapped one and an ugly one. And in the ugly box was going to be some cookies and in the nice one I was going to put something gross in it. I hadn’t yet figured out what I was going to use for the gross one until Sunday morning when we walked into our bathroom and found a dead mouse! I said this is perfect! Haha so we used that! It was so funny and the demonstration worked so well – mouse and all! They had to use their agency to pick which box. Then we explained how Satan makes things look good but in the end its not very good. When we follow the commandments its not the most fashionable or best fit with the world, but in the end its sweet! It was so fun teaching. I love this gospel. It truly is so sweet! I love you!
Sister J
Yo Colb and Tara – have you guys had your baby yet?????????? Is her name Kelsey? I haven’t read the latest yet. Riley and trigger: I’m with Brady…I don’t even know if you guys are alive! Is grandma still alive? Nicki!!!! Thank you so much for the email! Yea GO ON A MISSION its sweet and buang and tell you dad I actually understand that now! Haha tell him: ako ang unggoy. Ikaw and tambok nga baboy! 🙂


  1. The story about the boat ride was hillarious. I would probably puke my guts out esp. when everyone around me is vomitting, the smell, eeeww, that would just gross me out.
    I love your anology for teaching, that was way awesome. You are such a great missionary. We are so maligaya para sa imo. Ingat ka lang, mahal ka namin.:o)
    Emy Krauss

  2. Hi awesome girlll! Just saying hi! Love reading your fabulous blogs and want to send my continured luv and support and prayers. You are such the epidemy example to all young women. Keep up the good work and we’ll have a competitive game when you get home. lol Keep up the progress. I’m wowed luv to U

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