Posted by: Susan Johnson | January 26, 2010

Every Believing Latter-Day Saint is an Optimist!

(Jan. 24, 2020) YEA IM A TIA NA!!!! I am so excited you have no idea! I told my companion I can’t wait to corrupt my new niece!!! I have decided that I am only going to speak Cebuano to her so she can be bilingual and then we can have all sorts of secret conversations! This will be so sweet! Congrats Colby and Tara! I’m so happy for you guys!
This week was super busy with the work but very rewarding. We had 4 of our investigators at church including Charlie for the first time. You remember him? He is the one that named his kid Joseph. Charlie is so awesome and I think he really enjoyed church! He has a baptismal date for Feb 20. Please pray that everything goes well. Oh and we found another golden investigator. I don’t think I had a chance to mention her last week. But she is a new investigator. Her name is Guillerma and she is partially deaf and can’t walk very well. This lady is prepared to hear the gospel. In our first visit I could just feel she was yearning for spiritual answers to her questions….but she knew not where to find it. She had so many questions for us. It was amazing and she told us about these dreams that she has – it was crazy. We have visited only like 4 times but every time she has questions for us and when we explain things to her she just gets it. Its awesome. Also she loves reading the Book of Mormon! We told her to start from the beginning and two days later when we visited again she was in 1Nephi 18! Sister Galicia and I were floored! And she was explaining to us all about Nephi  and Lehi and it was awesome. I can’t wait to go back and visit. Its great – the work is going really good here. We even had a couple less actives that we have been working with come to church which was really a miracle!
This last Sunday I taught Gospel Principles class again. It was so fun. You know I really, really love teaching in a classroom setting. Its so fun to get everybody excited to learn about the gospel. This weeks topic was Adam and Eve…which I think fits perfectly with the new little edition in our family…Eden! Wooopie! It was fun teaching though. Oh and I also had the opportunity to teach District Meeting! That was fun! We talked about goal setting and accountability. Both the hearer and the teacher…particularly the teacher were greatly edified. This lesson was for me more then anybody else! Oh and Colby I used your example of goal setting that you taught me one time. It was sweet. You know the one where you have them jump as far as they can and then you mark it and have them try to beat their best and they always do! It worked really well!
I had a really cool insight this week I would like to share. I was listening to  a talk by President Uchdorf and he said something to the effect of “that’s why any believing Latter Day Saint is an optimist.” That really hit me because there are times here on my mission where I don’t feel a lot of optimism. How can that be? I consider myself a believing latter day saint but where always is the optimism. Then I was reading in Moroni 7:28 and it says, “and they who have faith in him will cleave unto every good thing.” That’s it. Any believing latter day saint cleaves unto the good stuff and doesn’t waste their time worrying about the bad stuff. They focus on the good and its because of our faith in Christ that we have no need to worry. As long as we are obedient or trying our best to be obedient, then we will be saved in the kingdom of our Father. Cross reference that to Moroni 7:41 – we have hope through the atonement of Christ and his resurrection. We have so much to look forward to! We need to stop getting hung up on the negative. Then jump over to Moroni 9:25 – yea sweet I know! These were just some thoughts I have been having. I hope that they were able to help in some way. I love you all. Take care and Amping!
Sister Johnson
PS Hid and Wobbs – I’m and AUNT – isn’t that sweet!!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to mush her wittle cheekies and talk to her in my high pitched Trigger voice but in Cebuano of course! OH AND wobbs thank you so much for the email. Man I have missed you!!!! And I really, really, really hope you are doing well! I love you both! Oh and wobbs I have not received your package yet or Hid your wedding invitation! (except for that’s kind of sweet and sour if you know what I mean) but cargo comes tomorrow so we will see if it is in there. Hid have you got my package yet for your wedding? That will take forever to get to you especially if it goes to your house first and then to Rexburg!


  1. To the greatest example of optimism: your letters inspire me. My lack of letters are no reflection on how often I think of you. I send the love your way every day. Wobbs is rockin Rexburg, well, the library anyway.

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