Posted by: Susan Johnson | February 9, 2010

Prayer is so Real and so Powerful!

(Feb. 7, 2010)


Hey!!!  Sorry this is going be really short. We just got back from a zone activity in the mountains at this place called Big Tree…I have had a zone activity there before. It was fun. We played some games…ate way too much food and then came home happy! Also, we have a Family Home Evening in a few that I am way excited for. They are a less active family and we just found out that they have a son who is not yet baptized so we are going to start teaching him.
This week was good. Things are going great with our investigators. Sister Guillierma is already in ALMA 28!!! She is awesome  and the rest are doing so well. Being patient with your investigators really pays off. Oh and Gilbert, our new investigator who is 18…is a future missionary I can feel it. I am so impressed with him. He reads the Book of Mormon so much! We should get him a baptismal date this week! Transfers are next week — crazy how time flies. Who knows what will happen.
This last Sunday I taught our gospel principles class about prayer and it was so fun! I really felt the spirit bear powerful witness to me…I think I learned more then the class members – it was intense! You guys — prayer is so real and so powerful especially if we put effort into it! God is always listening! I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ and his infinite atonement. It has forever blessed my life. I love you guys!
WIIIIWEEEEEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY USAB!! I have been thinking about you bud! I miss and love you and hope you have an amazing DAY keep strong. I love you!! Oh and you have a package coming your way I think you will really love it! Hahaha actually I can’t wait till you get it because I know you will love it…I haven’t sent it yet…I’m palugput so don’t expect it any time soon and I must say there is an exceptional birthday card in there! Take care.
Eve…I mean Eden. Kamusta ka?? Kamusta ang ginikanan mo?? Buotan kayo. Pacyncia sa akong igsoon Colby..buang jud siya pero Makita mo kana sa tibuok nga pamilya nato! Nalipay ko jud sa maka ila kita! AYO AYO. Oiy dili ka malimot…tinuod ang simbahan ni jesukristo sa mga santos sa ulahi mga adlaw! Gihigugma ta ka!
Sister Johnson

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