Posted by: Susan Johnson | February 18, 2010

Our Goal is to Find Future Priesthood Leaders!

(Feb. 14, 2010) .
How are you all? This week we have some investigators that are so awesome but their husbands are holding them back. They won’t let them progress. How sad is that?  I know that the Lord hears our earnest prayers and answers. One example. Ever since I arrived here I noticed how little priesthood men there are in the branch. It is so sad to see but most of the members are women and children….like no priesthood. So Sister Galicia and I made it a goal to find future priesthood leaders. We earnestly prayed for it and to look now…like all of our investigators are males. One of them is a future missionary – I can feel it! And they have baptismal dates and they are soooo solid! The Lord hears and answers our prayers. We should have some baptisms coming up in the end of Feb. and then some in March as well. I can’t wait…but then again who knows I might be transferred!  All of you need to work with the missionaries — this work is so important.  Anywho the work is going good here and my time is short so I will talk to you guys later! Hey transfers are next week so you will have to wait to hear what happens to me.
Sister Johnson

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