Posted by: Susan Johnson | February 23, 2010

I’m Training a Greenie — from AMERICA!!!

February 21, 2010

My Filipino Friends

Kamusta Kamo??? So yes we had transfers and what happened to me…well I’m not quite sure – I’m still trying to figure it out but I’m a new mom just like Colby and Tara! Yes I gave birth and am now training my new greenie!!! AAAAHHHH! Man it is intense, let me tell you! Her name is Sister Whitehead…and yes from that name you can tell she is American…my first ever since I have come on my mission! Crazy huh! And training a foreigner is like caring for an infant. They can’t really do anything because everything is soooo new! It reminds me soooo much of when I first came here and it has been so fun watching her react to things. I get a kick out of it because I have so been there, done that, and now nothing phases me. Germs…bugs,..lizards…animals everywhere…sketchy food…none of that phases me anymore! It was so funny because there was this rooster just sittinh there and she was like wow its so pretty and I bent down and picked it up and she just about lost it! Haha I was like here hold this and she was like no way bird flu!!! Haha. Its great but at the same time super stressful, so please I need your prayers!!! I’m palugput at the linguahe og kisa dili ko nasabtan! Haha oh Sister Whitehead is from Burley, Idaho. And she is super sarcastic…which is not the sense of humor here so it is soooo refreshing! I have realized being with her how much I have changed though…I really feel Filipino – its crazy but I love it because I love the people here so much and I wish I could be one of them! Again please I need your prayers though! Oh I am in the same area too which I am soooo excited for because we have a baptism this week with Gilbert our future missionary. He is sooo amazing! Pray that everything goes well!
Oh and guess what – I witnessed a miracle this week! It was one of the most amazing experiences and it happened with Sister Guillerma the one I have been writing about. Well our last visit she had finished the Book of Mormon and was reading the index straight through! I know I was like who reads the index straight through! Only amazing investigators with ginormous faith that can move mountains! Really she is that good. Well anywho we visited her and she started telling us about this dream she had. You see she had been praying for an answer if the Book of Mormon is true but she has not received an answer yet. So she dreamt that there where 2 houses. One she couldn’t really see it. It wasn’t clear. Then the next house was super clear and she started describing it. She described how it was and how it had lots of little windows and there were like three spires…and she started drawing it in the air with her hand. Then she also said there was a man standing above it all dressed in white and said “this is my house”. The second she started drawing it in the air, I thought that’s got to be the Salt Lake Temple. And guess what it just so happens that I brought an old copy of and old session of conference to give to her because we new she would be done with the Book of Mormon. No joke I start thumbing through that thing because I know that they have to have a picture of the Salt Lake temple. And I found one and showed her and she was like THAT’S IT! That’s the house that she saw and even more crazy she said that the house was by water and the picture that I happened to show her at the bottom of it was all water because of the fountain! Isn’t that crazy! I also explained to her that on all the temples it says “Holiness to the Lord — House of the Lord.” I couldn’t believe it! It was a glorious moment and the spirit was so strong! I will never forget that and always cherish that experience.
Can I just say I love this work so much a I don’t want it to ever stop! Time goes way too fast and I am having way too much fun! I feel the hand of the Lord in my life always. Well I love you all and hope all is well! The church is true and worth every sacrifice!
Sister Johnson
PS: mom I have bad news…your not going to like this. I got your package but the speakers weren’t in it…and it looked like it had been opened and resealed with different tape. The good news is the Book of Mormon is still true! And the chocolate was heavenly! I love you mom and all that you sacrifice for us!
PSS: I want to see pictures of eden!
Editor’s Note:  Check out some new pictures from Kelsey’s previous posts.

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