Posted by: Susan Johnson | March 2, 2010

“One Word is Enough for a Wise Man!”

(February 28, 2010)

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Hi Fam!!! Oh man things are just going great! Isn’t that good to hear? I was so sad to hear about the news with Amanda. She was such a good friend of mine and will always have a special place in my heart. It’s times like these that I’m so grateful for the plan of salvation. The cool thing is I know that I will see her again and she is doing the exact same thing that I am doing just to people in the spirit world. Later that day we actually taught the plan of salvation to one of our investigators and the spirit was so strong as I bore testimony about the spirit world…it kind of helped me more then the investigator I think. But I’m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who did not leave us alone here on this earth to fend for ourselves but he gave us a plan and a perfect example…our Savior to help us. Please mom I am still waiting to hear the details of the funeral and how things happened. Please don’t forget to follow up on that.
Well the baptism we had this week went really, really well. I was pleasantly surprised. It was the baptism of Gilbert Ugbinada. Our 18 year old future missionary. He was so excited and ready to be baptized. We got him a white shirt and tie and he just looked so good and happy…(and I don’t mean that in an inappropriate way) he will be a great “life long” member or the church. We have worked really hard to instill that in his mind. This isn’t just a short time thing. We make life long covenants at baptism. But yea the spirit was so strong at his baptism and there were soooooooo many people there! I couldn’t believe it! So many of the members came!. We worked so hard to get the word out and they came! It was a huge success. And they were all dressed up too – it was great and I was so excited. We have 4 baptisms planned for March 20. That is if everything goes to plan we will see. But I am so excited for them. This work is worth all of the sacrifice.
Oh I just have to tell you guys about the sweetest investigator ever!!!! Haha he is this 82 year old man named Olympio Empanada. I love that name and he is the cutest old man ever! He is a father of a lady in our ward and he is not a member yet…but he is one of those that are getting baptized on March 20. He is so cool too..he has this little old man walk with a back bone that is in the shape of an “S” and he isn’t quit there all the way upstairs but he gets most of what we teach. Every time we see him though we always ask him who the living prophet is and he will most of the time say Joseph Smith but then we say no the other one – the one that is your neighbor (we told him he was his neighbor) and then he says proudly Thomas S. Monson. But he says it in his Filipino accent. Haha its so great. Even in our gospel principles class we were talking about prophets and I asked him who the living prophet was and he said it right away. Thomas S. Monson. I’m sorry that’s probably not funny to you but we got a kick out of it. Oh and this other time haha he like randomly said this perfect sentence in English. He said “one word is enough for a wise man” haha it was the coolest thing ever! So that is some counsel to live by and what I will leave you with today. One word is enough for a wise man! Take care I love you all!
Oh my bata (my greenie) she is soooo awesome! Haha she is like super sarcastic which is refreshing because that is not the humor here. Its so funny. We are having a good time. Her body is having a hard time adjusting though. Her stomach has been hurting a lot…I hope she gets better. But its crazy training a foreigner…I forget how much they have to get used to and don’t know but we have had some funny times as I have introduced her to new things. When she teaches it is super simple but you know what — the spirit is so strong and I feel so happy following her up and saying I know what she said is true! This work is so fun and I never want to come home! Yikes! That’s a scary thought! Patay! Sister Johnson


  1. I love reading these every week. I love the spirit of these letters and am so glad you get to serve in the Pilipinas.

  2. It’s inspiring to me how your words of wisdom have become more and more wise as time goes by. I feel your spirit and would so love to be your companion and do what you are doing. Vacka bu naha gatu!!!! I made that up, Ha! XOXOX

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