Posted by: Susan Johnson | March 18, 2010

Pael is a Miracle Investigator – from Hard Hearted to Being Touched by the Spirit!

It's a Jungle Out Here!

It's soooo Beautiful

(March 14, 2010) Kamusta kamu gikan sa pilipinas!!! Woot woot – Oiy maayo man kining semana. Excited ako for our baptisms this coming week! Its gonna be so sweet! We have Pael, Charlie, and Olympio getting baptized. I don’t know how much I have said about Pael or even if I have, but he is awesome. He is a miracle investigator. When we first started teaching him which was when I first got here in San Carlos 3 months ago he was hard hearted and wanted nothing to do with religion. He could care less but the spirit has really worked on him and he is like a whole new person. It has been so fun to witness his transformation. I wish I could explain more. Then there is Charlie who I have talked about. The guy that named his kid Joseph after Joseph Smith. Yea he is such a powerhouse. He is going to do great things here for the church! Such an awesome guy. Then Olympio Empenado. The 83 year old grandpa that is seriously the coolest guy I have ever met. Oh man I wish you guys could meet them. You would love them! Mom dad that would be so fun if you guys came! Anywho so we will busily be preparing for that.

Then did I tell you guys about the activity we planned? It was sweet! We had a movie showing at the church. We made fliers and everything that we passed out. The point was for the members to invite a friend. We got a projector and showed it on the wall in the cultural center. We had popcorn and juice and bihon…which is a Filipino thing…way good. Then we showed the Testiment. It was a really good turn out and we have a new investigator out of it!!! We are going to follow up with them this week. It’s sweet. It was fun planning something like that. I enjoyed it. And it was a good idea to get people into missionary work. Well I gotta jet now so amping kamu!

Love forever and for always, Sister Johnson!


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