Posted by: Susan Johnson | March 23, 2010

My While Mission was Worth that Day!!!

I'll Teach Anyone that will Listen!

I LOVE These Kids!

(March 21, 2010)  Sorry fam I don’t have lots of time but here is the dill. THE BAPTISMS WERE AMAZING!!!! Wow I can’t even describe the feelings I felt! My whole mission was worth it just for that one day!!! Aaahhhhh! I wish I had time to describe it all! Wow we had 4 baptisms. The priesthood: Pael, Charlie and Olympio. Then one child of record…that we didn’t teach but she just happened to turn 8 so she joined in on the fun. Wow it was so amazing! Soooooooo many people came!!!! We had to keep grabbing chairs from other rooms as people kept filing in. The little Relief Society room was packed to the hilt. And it was a spiritual program. And it just went really well. The best part was that I just have such a connection with these people that we have been teaching…each one I have had these unique spiritual experiences with. It wasn’t only them growing spiritually but it was us growing together. I felt so strongly Gods happiness that day. I felt like His joy was showered down upon us. It was great. Then me and Sister Whitehead bought them each a white polo shirt to wear and a tie because they just don’t have stuff like that at home and after they were baptized they all came out in white shirts and ties and they looked so clean and happy! Man I tell ya my whole mission was worth that day. I am going to send another CD home so you can see the baptisms! It was awesome.

Then we have this new investigator. We visited him twice and he already has one of the strongest testimonies of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon it is crazy! Oh and he is deaf…we are teaching a deaf guy…so now I am busily learning sign language. Any spare time around the apartment I have my nose in this sign language dictionary. This guy is amazing though and last Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith DVD in sign language and it was probably one of the most spiritual times I have watched that movie. The spirit of this guy is so powerful. His name is Vicente. And it’s funny because I know that the gift of tongues applies to sign language as well because somehow we are able to understand each other. Well anywho I really, really gotta go now but there is so much more I want to write! Oh well Love you all. Tinuod bitaw ang simbahan!

Sister J

PS: mom and dad r u still coming. Oh and I got the pics…Eden is just so cute and small and I just want to eat her like the forbidden fruit!


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