Posted by: Susan Johnson | April 6, 2010

He Was so Ripe for the Pickin’!

This Place is Paradise

I'm the tall, white one

(April 4, 2010) Hi! Things are going swell! This was a really good week. We had a baptism this last Saturday! It was so awesome! His name is Leopolo Abalarde. He is 70 years old and is the oldest of 10 brothers and sisters – 7 of which are strong, active members of the church. Two of the sisters are in the district relief society presidency and another is Young Women’s President. They all live right next to each other so there are always missionaries at their house and members of the church, but Leopoldo would always hide when the missionaries came. Well I guess now was his time. He was so ripe for the pickin. It was great. He was so excited at his baptism too. It was great. And our Mission President, President Tobias, his wife, and the APs were there. The baptism went really well. Lots of people came and yea it was just great. His sisters were so excited for him. Now we just gotta work on his other brothers!
Guess what! On Saturday after work I noticed this huge bug bite on my leg. It was all swollen and red and numb and itchy and right in the center were 2 little teeth bite marks. It was intense but when I saw it I just laughed and brushed it off. Then the next day, yesterday, I woke up and wasn’t feeling well at all. I felt really weak and was so tired and out of it. I told Sister Adams, the couple missionaries that live next door. She has like a remedy for everything. And yep, she had one for this one too. She had me put some clay junk on and now it’s not swollen and not as itchy. I’m still alive though and today I am feeling much better…and I still don’t know what bit me!
Me and Sister Headwhites are doing well. We are having a lot of fun working here in San Carlos! Oh yea transfers! haha i forgot. Yes, I am still here in San Carlos with Sister Whitehead. I have spent over half of my mission in San Carlos…which is totally ok with me because I love it here sooooo much. I hope I die here in the mission. And mom and dad you guys can come and I can show you all the ins and outs of this city and what people to go visit and what people to avoid! haha it will be great, but dad I hope that you guys have contacted the mission about scheduling a flight and getting times worked out and stuff. Let me know! I love you all so much,
Sister Johnson



  1. Gusto ko ang mga sulat mo tsaka ang foto ng ikaw at ang maga bata doon.

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