Posted by: Susan Johnson | April 14, 2010

I Love the Faith of These People!

Beautiful People, Beautiful Place

These Kids are Awesome

(April 11, 2010) Hi everyone! I’m kinda scatter brained right now with all the info that you guys sent so I can’t think straight. As far as this week goes — Conference was great! We got to watch it this last weekend. It was sooooo good – I loved all of the talks about families and how parents need to step it up! Also my favorite talk was the one by President Uchdorf. That was awesome and I can’t wait to read it later and study it. The work is going great here. We have a baptism coming up in 2 weeks. Its Vecente – the guy that is deaf. It has been so fun teaching him. For his lessons we use lots of scripture. And I will usually write out some simple sentences and look up how to sign it in this little dictionary we have. It is fun. And he is sooooo excited for his baptism. For conference he came even though he couldn’t hear. We helped him out though and took notes for him so he could enjoy it. I love the faith of these people so much.
Mom I too loved the talk by Elder Ballard that talked about mothers and daughters. I am sooooo grateful for you and dad and how you guys have raised us. No joke – I can’t quite express how grateful I am. For reals – thank you so much for teaching us the gospel and how to work and all of these life’s lesson. I’m so grateful for you guys staying worthy so you could be married in the temple so our family can be sealed together…there are a lot of people that don’t have that opportunity even a lot of my companions have been the only members in their family or their family is less active. We are so lucky. I love you guys so much thank you. I hope that I can take what I have learned from you guys and apply it in my family. It says in my patriarchal blessing and others that I have been born of choice parents. That is so true and it councils to go to you guys as I have questions in my life. Thank you for always being there.

Okay –sweet thanks for all the info…there is a lot. Here are some answers to your questions:
1) yes I’m ok with staying until Sunday – I definitely want to go to church.
2) no don’t rent a car…but that might change…I will ask around. We should probably split up our time though in Bacolod and San Carlos.
3) Lets leave Monday morning…that would be better I think.
4) What is there to do in Hong Kong?? haha you know more than me but I am down for whatever! That would be sweet!
Also mom yea – you would have to wear dresses the whole time and dad a suit…but just short sleeve – nobody wears the coat part – that would just be insane. Also mom it would be better to wear flat comfortable shoes because we will be walking a lot. Bring some other stuff to for hiking because I was thinking we could go to this really sweet place called Mambukal. It has tons of waterfalls and stuff…we will see. I don’t know how much I can do with you guys though. I’m excited. I have told some of the members here that you guys are coming and they are so excited…it’s still far away though and don’t worry I won’t get distracted!  Gihigugma ko kamo!  Take care
Sister Johnson



  1. Hey Kels (I mean Sister Johnson)!

    I really do read your letters but I am a slacker at leaving comments and writing you! I am amazed at the kind of missionary you are and have become. I am proud of you and what you have done for so many people there in your mission. All your pics are awesome. That is great that your parents are coming to pick you up! Do you think your mom will be shell shocked??? 🙂 I can’t wait to hear you speak the language. It sounds so crazy. You are an amazing person that is for sure. Things are good here. Matt is extremely busy right now starting up a new business (he is actually in California right now getting ready to open some retail stores), and I have been good. I am actually at work right now! Ha! Halle turned one a few weeks ago and is so dang funny. She is stubborn, and chatty and crazy! I think you will like her 🙂 Jace turns three this Monday. We are having a pirate themed party for him as that is his favorite thing in life right now. He is talking a ton and is potty trained! Heck yeah! I think about you often and am proud of you and your efforts out there. I’ll see you soon!


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