Posted by: Susan Johnson | April 24, 2010

Rest is for the Weary – I Want to be Worn Down in His Service!

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(April 18, 2010) Hey family!!! Guess what we have another blessing!  So we have busily been preparing Brother Vicente for his baptism which is this Saturday! He is the one that is deaf and we have been teaching in sign language! This guy is amazing – you would not even believe it. We don’t have to hardly do anything, he just gets it and believes and is so willing to apply what he learns. My only concern is the interview with the District Leader – I’m not too sure how that is going down but that’s ok. But anywho so guess what on Sunday we just found out that we are going to have another person be baptized with Vicente! haha so we will have two! It’s a blessing! His name is Ritz and he is an 8 year old kid that comes to church every Sunday with his lola or grandmother. His parents aren’t members which requires us to get involved and teach him the stuff. So we will be visiting him every day this week to get him ready.
The work was a little stressful this week for me and a little slow. We are in the finding phase right now…trying to find new people to teach and we didn’t have much success this week, but I came across a scripture that helped me so much – Moroni 9:6.  It is so awesome and motivating. You guys can apply it to you as well in your respective callings! We must continue to labor diligently no matter how hard hearted people are. And I love that part that says that we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay that we may overcome the enemy of all righteousness and rest our souls in the kingdom of God! Yea rest is for the weary! We can’t stop, this work is too important! One of my deepest and strongest desires is that the Lord will use me in any way he can. I want Him to use me and wear me down in His service. I want to use all of my energy and talents serving Him because that is what is important in life. When I get home I do not what to rest. I want to work with the missionaries and continue my service. This work is great..even though it is soooo hard it is great…but hey no pain no gain! toodles!
Sister Johnson

PS: mom ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! I wrote that on my planner! Mom I am soooo glad you were born because if you weren’t born then I wouldn’t be born so thanks for being born! I love you soooooooo much and I can’t wait to see you! You have been so influential in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you for your valiant example always. You are like the moms that the 2,000 strippling warriors that say with confidence -we do no doubt our mothers knew it! Oh and mom guess what this last Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament and I talked about you! My talk was about parents teaching their children…I just basically echoed the speakers in conference. But I shared a story of how when I was little I remember you sitting me down when I was little and teaching me how to look up scriptures – teaching me what the numbers on the top mean and how to use them. You probably don’t remember that but I do..Thank you so much for teaching me because if you didn’t, maybe to this day I still wouldn’t know how to look up scriptures! 🙂 I love you mom!


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