Posted by: Susan Johnson | May 7, 2010

I Love Looking at ways the Lord Helps in this Work

Meet the creatures of the Philippines

Some Large . . . . .

Some Small (at the bottom of my skirt)

And some just right . . . . .

But the most annoying are the creatures that want to be your roommates

(May 2, 2010) Hi – things are going well. We just got done with a combined zone activity where we played a bunch or pinoy games and then had a big lunch then played some scripture chase games. It was a lot of fun.  This week was definitely a harder week than normal. We are in the searching phase right now looking for people to teach. We have a couple investigators that have a lot of potential like these two ladies named Helen and Minga. They are some of the coolest ladies. The one, Helen is really receptive and loves reading the Book of Mormon. They are still really new though but we are hopeful. Then there is Florentino, the man we oymed while he was petting his chicken outside…and he came to church that Sunday. Well that was a week ago and he came again this Sunday! haha he is a little older so we have to make sure he is understanding everything we are teaching. As for that we still need to look. The Lord will bless us though as he always does. I always like looking at ways the Lord helps in this work and how He leads us to people to teach. Next week we have a baptism though! It’s Jomel Caballero – a nine year old part member kid. He has definitely been a challenge to teach but we are excited for his baptism and so is he! The poor kid though…he wasn’t able to come to church this Sunday because he got circumcised and couldn’t wear pants. Hopefully he will be all healed up for the baptism!
Anywho I had a really cool insight this week while I was washing my clothes. I was listening to a talk by President Uchdorf who was talking about forgiveness. He emphasized how we need to be forgiving of others and show others mercy just like God shows us. And then I was thinking and I thought about how we are here on earth to be tested and tried and really it is preparation for us to become like God in the next life. One of Gods greatest qualities is his how He is able to forgive us NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. He loves us infinitely no matter who we are. So if we are to be like God in the next life we need to learn to be just as forgiving as him and show just as much mercy to our fellow men. Show them the mercy that we so desperately plead for from our Father in Heaven. We need to learn this here. It truly is a God like quality. When we forgive others we are emulating our Father in Heaven. It’s not worth it to hold on to grudges. If the God of us all forgives us of our sins then we had better forgive others. I’m so grateful for our Savior who provided us a way to be forgiven. We never need to feel bound by sin because there is always a way out. Well I love you all – take care.
Sister Johnson



  1. Thanks, Sister Johnson, for sharing your mission experiences with us. I am Naunie Adams. My daughter, Sister Jennie Adams, was a greenie in Silay after you were transferred out. I have been “following” you ever since. Missions are such a great opportunity, and I love hearing about your experiences. Good luck after you get home.

    Naunie Adams

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