Posted by: Susan Johnson | May 18, 2010

6 Days in the Hospital with Dengue Fever (That my Companion had)!

Things I have to put up with in the Philippines! . . . like cold bucket showers made for short people

. . . Being bugs' food supply

. . . Toilet Waterfountains . . .

. . . Filipino Fashion . . .

. . . Their washers and dryers . . .

. . . Dodging Cowpies . . .

. . . and undesirable porcelain conditions! Otherwise, this place is great!

(May 16, 2010) Wow sorry  fam –  its been a while. We skipped last week because we didn’t have any time. The good news is Sister Whitehead is still alive with some nice rashes on her legs. She got out on Monday which was a good thing because we were goin nuts in that hospital room! We spent six days in there. And for all of you who don’t know yet, my companion got dengue fever and we had to go to the hospital in Bacolod. So that week wasn’t very eventful! Just a lot of sittin and sittin and watching the little drops drip from her IV and sittin in a hospital room. Intense I know. But I had some breaks which was good. One – I got to go to zone conference. It was good as usual and I really liked the things that my Mission President, President Tobias said. He said that if you are not being rejected you are not doing missionary work. That was good timing because I had been feeling a little frustrated like we weren’t getting anywhere with the people we were teaching. It was a good reminder. I’m sure Brady can attest to that. Man I can’t even imagine the rejection that you face. Then another one of the days I got to go out and work with Sister Fair-weather in my batch in my old area SILAY!!!! Oh man I was sooooo excited and it was sooooo good to visit there! That is one of my favorite places. We had a lot of fun together. And the teachings were sooo good. I missed teaching a lot…seriously I think I’m gonna die when I go home (I know dramatic right)  anywho it was great.

Oh guess what!!!! It was transfers this week!!! And guess where my last area is? SAN CARLOS gihapon!!! Haha yep I was born here, I gave birth here, and this is where I will die! I never would have thought. But I do have a new companion. Her name is Sister Bansiloy. She is a gwapa nga filippina from Mindinaw. And guess where her last area was…SAN CARLOS  and guess where my anak (child) is…SAN CARLOS –  they just swapped us. They only had to change houses. Funny huh? Sister Bansiloy is awesome though. I am really excited for this transfer. She has such a strong spirit when she teaches and I really feel like we teach with one voice. It’s cool.

The work is going swell here in San Carlos. We have some really good prospective investigators. I will tell you about one…his name is Richard. He is a Chinese guy from Singapore and he lives here with his wife who is Filapino. He does not know how to speak Cebuano so we communicate in English. He is super open and receptive. Our first visit we found out that he was Buddist and does not believe in God and he doesn’t know anything about Jesus Christ. Crazy huh? We started from square one and taught him the nature of God. He is a really cool guy and I am excited to follow up with him. Other than that the work is going well. We have a baptism this Saturday. It’s Jomel, the nine yr old kid. We had to postpone his baptism because we were in the hospital. Hopefully we will have some more coming up in the near future.

I’m so grateful for this work and the things I am learning. I made it a goal this last transfer to write down everyday a miracle that I have seen and it has really opened my eyes already. I notice so many things that God does for us. It is so amazing and we are so blessed to be children of a loving Heavenly Father. I also made a goal to make sure that in all that I do I am inviting others to come unto Christ. That is why I came out here in the first place. Well I love you all and bird, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry I didn’t get a chance last Monday but I hope you had an awesome day! I love you and keep working hard for the Lord!

Love, Sister Johnson



  1. Kelsey – this is just amazing!! Ohhhhh the wonderful memories you have captured and written about. These blogs are really amazing. Have it bound into a hard book when you get home. I love looking at the pictures (except the one with the roach on your cheek) of how you live and where you’ve been. AND I love reading words from your heart and seeing how you have grown and what a fabulous young lady you are. So proud of you. HEY! and I’ll get to see you this summer!? Enjoy everyday and keep giving to those people you love up to the very last minute. Will still be sending luv and prayers to the very end. luv, chery

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