Posted by: Susan Johnson | May 27, 2010

When 4 Men I Helped Baptize Received the Priesthood – I Felt I Really Accomplished Something Here!

What I've Been Eating Here in the Philippines . . . Mini Bananas

. . . Melon - Slab-o-chicken - A Fish - and always Rice

. . . Delicious varieties of Melon

. . . Fish that stares you in the eye!

. . . Monstrous Hot Dogs???

. . . a Delicacy called Balute (a partially developed bird egg)!

. . . These Sardine lookin things

. . . Bananas, Chicken, Oysters and Rice (mmmmm)

Even meals made to look like stuffed Pigs!!! (What a Diet)

(May 24, 2010) Hey kamusta kamo? Kasabot kamo? Wala! Sige lang English nalang ….(nosebleed) ok fam guess what! Wala lang gihigugma ko kamo that’s all. Hey guess what again…we had a baptism this week! And it was a miracle because there were many, many obstacles that we had to overcome. It was little Jomel Caballero – the little 9 year old kid who is a part member. The poor kid is super shy so it was a struggle teaching him especially because I am so puti which means white. Anywho so we got him to the church for his baptismal interview and he wouldn’t enter the church. He squatted down outside and started to cry because he was scared. I wanted to help but I think I just make things worse…good thing his brother was there to coach him in. We finally got him in and then I find out that it is brown out (which means black out in America. I used to think black outs were cool until I came here and they happen every other day…haha I love it here in the Philippines!) So anywho, since it was brown out there was no water in the baptismal font. (I didn’t know you need electricity for water…I’m still confused about that but anywho) so there was no water. We talked of postponing it and I was like there is no way. If we don’t do it now I don’t know if it will ever get done! We talked about doing it in the ocean…which I would have loved way toooo much but then they came up with a more practical way which was buying gasoline…and I don’t know what for but we got the water flowin.  We waited for a while for it to fill and then got things started…I was worried there for a second. So yea it was a miracle!

Speaking of miracles – for my last transfer I have set a goal to write at least one miracle I have seen every day until I…ayuno…anywho so I think I might have told you that already but so far it is amazing! It has really opened my eyes to the tender mercies around me. I want to share a choice miracle that I witnessed yesterday. So yesterday was our district conference. So President Tobias came out and was there for the weekend. It was so good. But the Sunday session was really special because they announced those worthy males that will be receiving the Melchizedek priesthood. And one by one up stood Charlie, Leopoldo, Gilbert, and Olympio. It was enough to make a mama proud.  They were beaming from ear to ear and so was I! Ay kanindot kaayo! It was so awesome. I felt that I really had accomplished something here. This work is so rewarding. I’m so grateful for these amazing people that I have met!

Oh and earlier guess what? We had a CSP or community service project where we helped clean up a school. They had this opening birgada ceremony –where the principle spoke and some others and then we got to work cleaning the school. It wasn’t just us but it was parents and students. Well I don’t know why but they picked me and my companion to sit up on the stage while they did the ceremony. We were the representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…wearing our bright yellow helping hands duds. And then they had everybody stand up and sing the national anthem…well let’s just say I only know the first few lines and that’s not even right! It was kinda awkward. After, I told my companion she had to teach me the national anthem before I go home. (Oh and mom guess what!!! They were playing Earth, Wind and Fire songs and oh my goodness I was like wow where’s my mom! I need my mom…and then I was like wait I will see her in less than a month!!!!!! I’m so excited! It’s gonna be sweet! I just thought I would let you know!)

Hey I have some troubling news. I talked to my mission president and he said that the only way I can tour around with you guys is if I get released before…lame huh…did Colby have to be released when you went around with him? Another sister that went home before me had her stake president call her and do the releasing over the phone which is totally lame and anti climactic…so talk to that Stake President if that could be an option. Well guess what else…I got my ticket for the CEBU TEMPLE DEDICATION!!! I am soooo excited. It’s on june 13 right before I go home. I am sooooo blessed to still be here and witness that! It is going to be so amazing. A whole flood of memories flooded my mind when I looked at that ticket…it looks just like the Rexburg one only green. I am so excited…I am even more excited for the people here in San Carlos because it is soooo close for them! They are going to be so blessed. Well I love you all and yes I will keep workin my tail off until the end!!

Sister J

PSS wobbs I love you soooo much thank you so much for sending me letters. I get soo excited every time..its kinda ridiculous. Salamat and I am sooo excited to see you. Are you and hid coming to Colorado?? Please do!! And come right away asap!

PSSS hid! Thank you so much for writing meeeeeeee! I am going to write you because I have been thinking about it lately which means I need to. Yes of course we will hang when we are at school! Um hello who else am I going to hang with…I won’t have any friends because nobody wants to hang out with RM sisters…haha or at least that’s how I felt before my mission!

pssss mom again…I noticed how in your letter you said you don’t like looking at dead people….here on my mission I have never seen so many dead people in all my life. There always seems to be viewings of dead people whereever we go and that is one of my favorite things to do. I always drag my companions and we go and check it out and then oym the people about the plan of salvation. It’s great. I love being a missionary.


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