Posted by: Susan Johnson | June 4, 2010

We are Now Scheduling Baptisms AFTER I Leave This Place!

My Humble Surroundings --- This is a Graveyard Stacked on Top of Each Other

. . . . This Pathway is one of the Sturdy Ones

. . . . but this pathway is just sticks!

One of Areas I Worked In

This is a Side Street Store

Humble Means --- Beautiful Surroundings!

Inside the Home of an Investigator

This was one of my Favorite Apartments even though the ceiling was barely above my head and the fridge is half the size!

(5-30-10) Maayung  hapon sa inyo tanan! Wow bird you sound like you are doing so well! It is really inspiring so keep it up! This week was really good for us too! We had tons of teachings – it was insane. I think we got the most teachings this week then I have in my entire mission! And we have another baptismal date so we have 3 with a date. Sad to say that I am now scheduling baptisms that I won’t be able to witness. L That is really depressing. But it’s ok because they are still entering the waters of baptism! Our 71 year old investigator, Florentino is doing well and getting rid of his smoking and coffee drinking. Then we have Christian and Junah – two youth aged kids that we have been working with. Then we have tons with potential. We have been teaching this one lady named Sharon Zaspa. She is seriously one of the coolest ladies ever! And we experienced a miracle with her…it goes along with what Brady was talking about in his email about the spirit. Wow the spirit is so important because during planning it prompted us on what we should share and when we shared it was exactly the thing that sparked her interest. The teaching was so powerful and we were able to address specifically her needs. She is now done a 180 and is progressing so well. The spirit changes hearts. We also had some interesting people that we talked to. One that was a hard core catholic lady who said she read the Book of Mormon and said that she just didn’t feel it was true. Then she started going off on us telling us that we can’t be saints because we are not perfect…it was good though because it caused us to research it later and now I know why we are called saints! Then we ran into and taught a less active who was baptized when he was 9 and now he is 19 so naturally he had forgotten a lot. It’s like we were sharing with a new investigator. He told us that to him Mormons are the religion farthest from the truth and the biggest lie…we just sat back and smiled and then bore powerful witness of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and then in the end he asked when we were coming back. Man I just have to say that I love my companion, Sister Bansiloy…I have never had a companionship like this before. We are sooooo unified and it’s like we teach with one voice. It’s amazing. And the spirit is always so strong in our teachings. It makes such a difference. I am enjoying my last few weeks with her.

Well today was fun too. We visited some waterfalls out in the bukid. It was so awesome. Things are going great. It is sooooo beautiful here and I do not want to leave it. I have been living in paradise. Well I hope you guys have a stupendous week and mom and dad I can’t wait to see you!!!

Sister Johnson

PS:  mom about your lesson in young women’s – have you taught it yet? Here is a scripture that I like to use with youth about scripture study – it’s in 1Nephi 15:24-25. It’s a good one. And I would do all in your power to persuade them to read the book in their youth. You wanna know something else…I don’t know how much this would go over with them but it works miracles here in the Philippines. We like to give our investigators a colored pencil and tell them to highlight the verses that they like. No joke it works every time. It really gets them into the reading and then when they visit and show us, I am always so amazed and they are all excited and explain to us the verses that they liked. It works for all ages. And I remember mom when I was doing my personal progress there was a project in there where you have to read the Book of Mormon and then do Moroni’s challenge. I remember doing that and that is what gave me my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I will never forget that experience and I share it with people here all the time. It happened when I was like 14.


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