Posted by: Susan Johnson | June 10, 2010

I Get to Attend the Cebu Temple Dedication Next Week before I’m Released!

What I love most about the Philippines is the people . . . . especially the kids!

Celebrating a birthday

I'm the red-faced one, with a goofy grin!

A youth Mutual Night activity

Hamming it up!

A little closer to my size!

I want to bring them all home!

But my favorite people are the ones converted to the gospel!!!

June 6, 2010) Yes mom hook me up on that pronto!! The whole housing thing with Wobbs — because I am going wherever that girl is going. Oh and dad about the hotel — we will spend the night in Bacolod Tuesday, Wed., and Thursday night. Friday morning we will drive to San Carlos and we will stay there for Fri. and Sat. night. Then Sunday night we are back in Bacolod and fly out Monday morn. Man I am sooo excited. I have been planning some family home evenings at some of my old areas so I hope everything pans out and you guys get a real taste of Filipino culture. I hope you like the food because I’m not letting you eat American! Who knows – I might even cook for you because I know how to do that now!! haha It’s gonna be sweet but at the same time I’m kinda depressed….for real I really, really don’t want to leave., Oh and about the release – yea I DO NOT want to be released over the phone that is so lame. Keep me updated on that. So guess what next week is? THE CEBU TEMPLE DEDICATION!!!! I am so excited. We have our ticket to attend this Sunday because they will broadcast it. I am so excited especially for the saints here because it will bless them so much. I love temples so much and I missssssss it so much!! I can’t wait to go! This week was way good – tons of teachings and 8 investigators at church!!! It was sooo sweet and this area is booming right now! We are so blessed. Guess what else – so last night I got a text from the AP telling me that I have been invited by President to come to Bacolod for a Zone Conference correlation meeting. I was like way shocked so we hopped on a ceres bus at 5 am this morning and traveled the 3 hours all the way to Bacolod! Then when we got there President wants me and my two amazing batch mates – Sister Fairweather and Sister Grant to give trainings in this Zone Conference which will be a big one with all the missionaries on the Negros Island. It’s intense. My topic is teaching with the spirit which is probably why I love missionary work sooooooo much. I enjoy the spirit so much so I am excited to give that training. I hope that all goes well. Please pray for me. It will be on the 16th. Well I have to go now so little time but I love you all!  Sister J


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