I want to share the beauty that has surrounded me each day here in the Philippines

I have seen amazing sunsets!

The sky can literally turn orange

Incredible Waterfalls

I learned to walk on water!

And beautiful ocean scenes

I'll never forget the sights and sounds of the Philippines

One of my favorite places -- "Big Tree"

Climbing "Big Tree"

As I leave this beautiful land - I'll mostly miss the lush greenery wherever you turn!

(June 13, 2010) Hi sorry this is gonna be rushed because we don’t have any time. I really want to tell you all about the temple dedication because it was absolutely amazing but I’m afraid I won’t do it justice so I will just have to tell you in PERSON!! Haha that will be cool and don’t worry about me being trunky – I am gonna push it through till the end. This week was bomb!!! We have 7 people with a baptismal date, one baptism this Saturday and more baptismal dates coming! The work is absolutely booming here and I am loving it so much. Seriously I am not ready to go…ay nako! Palugput ayaw ko! Unsa ma na oiy! Gusto ko diri na lang! Well anywho, I can’t believe I am entering my final week. It is surreal how fast time has gone. I am sooooo grateful for the things I have learned and how I have grown. This has been the absolute best experience in my entire life. I have learned so much about myself and the gospel. I know that this church is true and I know what our purpose is in life and what we need to do to return to our Heavenly Father. I have a huge testimony of prayer…sincere prayer. Heavenly Father listens and he hears us and he WILL answer in his own due time. TRUST IN HIM!! I love my savior so much. Ay nako. He is my best friend and can be yours too if you just let him in. I love you all and can’t wait to talk to you in person!

Sister Johnson


What I love most about the Philippines is the people . . . . especially the kids!

Celebrating a birthday

I'm the red-faced one, with a goofy grin!

A youth Mutual Night activity

Hamming it up!

A little closer to my size!

I want to bring them all home!

But my favorite people are the ones converted to the gospel!!!

June 6, 2010) Yes mom hook me up on that pronto!! The whole housing thing with Wobbs — because I am going wherever that girl is going. Oh and dad about the hotel — we will spend the night in Bacolod Tuesday, Wed., and Thursday night. Friday morning we will drive to San Carlos and we will stay there for Fri. and Sat. night. Then Sunday night we are back in Bacolod and fly out Monday morn. Man I am sooo excited. I have been planning some family home evenings at some of my old areas so I hope everything pans out and you guys get a real taste of Filipino culture. I hope you like the food because I’m not letting you eat American! Who knows – I might even cook for you because I know how to do that now!! haha It’s gonna be sweet but at the same time I’m kinda depressed….for real I really, really don’t want to leave., Oh and about the release – yea I DO NOT want to be released over the phone that is so lame. Keep me updated on that. So guess what next week is? THE CEBU TEMPLE DEDICATION!!!! I am so excited. We have our ticket to attend this Sunday because they will broadcast it. I am so excited especially for the saints here because it will bless them so much. I love temples so much and I missssssss it so much!! I can’t wait to go! This week was way good – tons of teachings and 8 investigators at church!!! It was sooo sweet and this area is booming right now! We are so blessed. Guess what else – so last night I got a text from the AP telling me that I have been invited by President to come to Bacolod for a Zone Conference correlation meeting. I was like way shocked so we hopped on a ceres bus at 5 am this morning and traveled the 3 hours all the way to Bacolod! Then when we got there President wants me and my two amazing batch mates – Sister Fairweather and Sister Grant to give trainings in this Zone Conference which will be a big one with all the missionaries on the Negros Island. It’s intense. My topic is teaching with the spirit which is probably why I love missionary work sooooooo much. I enjoy the spirit so much so I am excited to give that training. I hope that all goes well. Please pray for me. It will be on the 16th. Well I have to go now so little time but I love you all!  Sister J

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We are Now Scheduling Baptisms AFTER I Leave This Place!

My Humble Surroundings --- This is a Graveyard Stacked on Top of Each Other

. . . . This Pathway is one of the Sturdy Ones

. . . . but this pathway is just sticks!

One of Areas I Worked In

This is a Side Street Store

Humble Means --- Beautiful Surroundings!

Inside the Home of an Investigator

This was one of my Favorite Apartments even though the ceiling was barely above my head and the fridge is half the size!

(5-30-10) Maayung  hapon sa inyo tanan! Wow bird you sound like you are doing so well! It is really inspiring so keep it up! This week was really good for us too! We had tons of teachings – it was insane. I think we got the most teachings this week then I have in my entire mission! And we have another baptismal date so we have 3 with a date. Sad to say that I am now scheduling baptisms that I won’t be able to witness. L That is really depressing. But it’s ok because they are still entering the waters of baptism! Our 71 year old investigator, Florentino is doing well and getting rid of his smoking and coffee drinking. Then we have Christian and Junah – two youth aged kids that we have been working with. Then we have tons with potential. We have been teaching this one lady named Sharon Zaspa. She is seriously one of the coolest ladies ever! And we experienced a miracle with her…it goes along with what Brady was talking about in his email about the spirit. Wow the spirit is so important because during planning it prompted us on what we should share and when we shared it was exactly the thing that sparked her interest. The teaching was so powerful and we were able to address specifically her needs. She is now done a 180 and is progressing so well. The spirit changes hearts. We also had some interesting people that we talked to. One that was a hard core catholic lady who said she read the Book of Mormon and said that she just didn’t feel it was true. Then she started going off on us telling us that we can’t be saints because we are not perfect…it was good though because it caused us to research it later and now I know why we are called saints! Then we ran into and taught a less active who was baptized when he was 9 and now he is 19 so naturally he had forgotten a lot. It’s like we were sharing with a new investigator. He told us that to him Mormons are the religion farthest from the truth and the biggest lie…we just sat back and smiled and then bore powerful witness of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and then in the end he asked when we were coming back. Man I just have to say that I love my companion, Sister Bansiloy…I have never had a companionship like this before. We are sooooo unified and it’s like we teach with one voice. It’s amazing. And the spirit is always so strong in our teachings. It makes such a difference. I am enjoying my last few weeks with her.

Well today was fun too. We visited some waterfalls out in the bukid. It was so awesome. Things are going great. It is sooooo beautiful here and I do not want to leave it. I have been living in paradise. Well I hope you guys have a stupendous week and mom and dad I can’t wait to see you!!!

Sister Johnson

PS:  mom about your lesson in young women’s – have you taught it yet? Here is a scripture that I like to use with youth about scripture study – it’s in 1Nephi 15:24-25. It’s a good one. And I would do all in your power to persuade them to read the book in their youth. You wanna know something else…I don’t know how much this would go over with them but it works miracles here in the Philippines. We like to give our investigators a colored pencil and tell them to highlight the verses that they like. No joke it works every time. It really gets them into the reading and then when they visit and show us, I am always so amazed and they are all excited and explain to us the verses that they liked. It works for all ages. And I remember mom when I was doing my personal progress there was a project in there where you have to read the Book of Mormon and then do Moroni’s challenge. I remember doing that and that is what gave me my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I will never forget that experience and I share it with people here all the time. It happened when I was like 14.

What I've Been Eating Here in the Philippines . . . Mini Bananas

. . . Melon - Slab-o-chicken - A Fish - and always Rice

. . . Delicious varieties of Melon

. . . Fish that stares you in the eye!

. . . Monstrous Hot Dogs???

. . . a Delicacy called Balute (a partially developed bird egg)!

. . . These Sardine lookin things

. . . Bananas, Chicken, Oysters and Rice (mmmmm)

Even meals made to look like stuffed Pigs!!! (What a Diet)

(May 24, 2010) Hey kamusta kamo? Kasabot kamo? Wala! Sige lang English nalang ….(nosebleed) ok fam guess what! Wala lang gihigugma ko kamo that’s all. Hey guess what again…we had a baptism this week! And it was a miracle because there were many, many obstacles that we had to overcome. It was little Jomel Caballero – the little 9 year old kid who is a part member. The poor kid is super shy so it was a struggle teaching him especially because I am so puti which means white. Anywho so we got him to the church for his baptismal interview and he wouldn’t enter the church. He squatted down outside and started to cry because he was scared. I wanted to help but I think I just make things worse…good thing his brother was there to coach him in. We finally got him in and then I find out that it is brown out (which means black out in America. I used to think black outs were cool until I came here and they happen every other day…haha I love it here in the Philippines!) So anywho, since it was brown out there was no water in the baptismal font. (I didn’t know you need electricity for water…I’m still confused about that but anywho) so there was no water. We talked of postponing it and I was like there is no way. If we don’t do it now I don’t know if it will ever get done! We talked about doing it in the ocean…which I would have loved way toooo much but then they came up with a more practical way which was buying gasoline…and I don’t know what for but we got the water flowin.  We waited for a while for it to fill and then got things started…I was worried there for a second. So yea it was a miracle!

Speaking of miracles – for my last transfer I have set a goal to write at least one miracle I have seen every day until I…ayuno…anywho so I think I might have told you that already but so far it is amazing! It has really opened my eyes to the tender mercies around me. I want to share a choice miracle that I witnessed yesterday. So yesterday was our district conference. So President Tobias came out and was there for the weekend. It was so good. But the Sunday session was really special because they announced those worthy males that will be receiving the Melchizedek priesthood. And one by one up stood Charlie, Leopoldo, Gilbert, and Olympio. It was enough to make a mama proud.  They were beaming from ear to ear and so was I! Ay kanindot kaayo! It was so awesome. I felt that I really had accomplished something here. This work is so rewarding. I’m so grateful for these amazing people that I have met!

Oh and earlier guess what? We had a CSP or community service project where we helped clean up a school. They had this opening birgada ceremony –where the principle spoke and some others and then we got to work cleaning the school. It wasn’t just us but it was parents and students. Well I don’t know why but they picked me and my companion to sit up on the stage while they did the ceremony. We were the representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…wearing our bright yellow helping hands duds. And then they had everybody stand up and sing the national anthem…well let’s just say I only know the first few lines and that’s not even right! It was kinda awkward. After, I told my companion she had to teach me the national anthem before I go home. (Oh and mom guess what!!! They were playing Earth, Wind and Fire songs and oh my goodness I was like wow where’s my mom! I need my mom…and then I was like wait I will see her in less than a month!!!!!! I’m so excited! It’s gonna be sweet! I just thought I would let you know!)

Hey I have some troubling news. I talked to my mission president and he said that the only way I can tour around with you guys is if I get released before…lame huh…did Colby have to be released when you went around with him? Another sister that went home before me had her stake president call her and do the releasing over the phone which is totally lame and anti climactic…so talk to that Stake President if that could be an option. Well guess what else…I got my ticket for the CEBU TEMPLE DEDICATION!!! I am soooo excited. It’s on june 13 right before I go home. I am sooooo blessed to still be here and witness that! It is going to be so amazing. A whole flood of memories flooded my mind when I looked at that ticket…it looks just like the Rexburg one only green. I am so excited…I am even more excited for the people here in San Carlos because it is soooo close for them! They are going to be so blessed. Well I love you all and yes I will keep workin my tail off until the end!!

Sister J

PSS wobbs I love you soooo much thank you so much for sending me letters. I get soo excited every time..its kinda ridiculous. Salamat and I am sooo excited to see you. Are you and hid coming to Colorado?? Please do!! And come right away asap!

PSSS hid! Thank you so much for writing meeeeeeee! I am going to write you because I have been thinking about it lately which means I need to. Yes of course we will hang when we are at school! Um hello who else am I going to hang with…I won’t have any friends because nobody wants to hang out with RM sisters…haha or at least that’s how I felt before my mission!

pssss mom again…I noticed how in your letter you said you don’t like looking at dead people….here on my mission I have never seen so many dead people in all my life. There always seems to be viewings of dead people whereever we go and that is one of my favorite things to do. I always drag my companions and we go and check it out and then oym the people about the plan of salvation. It’s great. I love being a missionary.

Things I have to put up with in the Philippines! . . . like cold bucket showers made for short people

. . . Being bugs' food supply

. . . Toilet Waterfountains . . .

. . . Filipino Fashion . . .

. . . Their washers and dryers . . .

. . . Dodging Cowpies . . .

. . . and undesirable porcelain conditions! Otherwise, this place is great!

(May 16, 2010) Wow sorry  fam –  its been a while. We skipped last week because we didn’t have any time. The good news is Sister Whitehead is still alive with some nice rashes on her legs. She got out on Monday which was a good thing because we were goin nuts in that hospital room! We spent six days in there. And for all of you who don’t know yet, my companion got dengue fever and we had to go to the hospital in Bacolod. So that week wasn’t very eventful! Just a lot of sittin and sittin and watching the little drops drip from her IV and sittin in a hospital room. Intense I know. But I had some breaks which was good. One – I got to go to zone conference. It was good as usual and I really liked the things that my Mission President, President Tobias said. He said that if you are not being rejected you are not doing missionary work. That was good timing because I had been feeling a little frustrated like we weren’t getting anywhere with the people we were teaching. It was a good reminder. I’m sure Brady can attest to that. Man I can’t even imagine the rejection that you face. Then another one of the days I got to go out and work with Sister Fair-weather in my batch in my old area SILAY!!!! Oh man I was sooooo excited and it was sooooo good to visit there! That is one of my favorite places. We had a lot of fun together. And the teachings were sooo good. I missed teaching a lot…seriously I think I’m gonna die when I go home (I know dramatic right)  anywho it was great.

Oh guess what!!!! It was transfers this week!!! And guess where my last area is? SAN CARLOS gihapon!!! Haha yep I was born here, I gave birth here, and this is where I will die! I never would have thought. But I do have a new companion. Her name is Sister Bansiloy. She is a gwapa nga filippina from Mindinaw. And guess where her last area was…SAN CARLOS  and guess where my anak (child) is…SAN CARLOS –  they just swapped us. They only had to change houses. Funny huh? Sister Bansiloy is awesome though. I am really excited for this transfer. She has such a strong spirit when she teaches and I really feel like we teach with one voice. It’s cool.

The work is going swell here in San Carlos. We have some really good prospective investigators. I will tell you about one…his name is Richard. He is a Chinese guy from Singapore and he lives here with his wife who is Filapino. He does not know how to speak Cebuano so we communicate in English. He is super open and receptive. Our first visit we found out that he was Buddist and does not believe in God and he doesn’t know anything about Jesus Christ. Crazy huh? We started from square one and taught him the nature of God. He is a really cool guy and I am excited to follow up with him. Other than that the work is going well. We have a baptism this Saturday. It’s Jomel, the nine yr old kid. We had to postpone his baptism because we were in the hospital. Hopefully we will have some more coming up in the near future.

I’m so grateful for this work and the things I am learning. I made it a goal this last transfer to write down everyday a miracle that I have seen and it has really opened my eyes already. I notice so many things that God does for us. It is so amazing and we are so blessed to be children of a loving Heavenly Father. I also made a goal to make sure that in all that I do I am inviting others to come unto Christ. That is why I came out here in the first place. Well I love you all and bird, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry I didn’t get a chance last Monday but I hope you had an awesome day! I love you and keep working hard for the Lord!

Love, Sister Johnson

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I Love Looking at ways the Lord Helps in this Work

Meet the creatures of the Philippines

Some Large . . . . .

Some Small (at the bottom of my skirt)

And some just right . . . . .

But the most annoying are the creatures that want to be your roommates

(May 2, 2010) Hi – things are going well. We just got done with a combined zone activity where we played a bunch or pinoy games and then had a big lunch then played some scripture chase games. It was a lot of fun.  This week was definitely a harder week than normal. We are in the searching phase right now looking for people to teach. We have a couple investigators that have a lot of potential like these two ladies named Helen and Minga. They are some of the coolest ladies. The one, Helen is really receptive and loves reading the Book of Mormon. They are still really new though but we are hopeful. Then there is Florentino, the man we oymed while he was petting his chicken outside…and he came to church that Sunday. Well that was a week ago and he came again this Sunday! haha he is a little older so we have to make sure he is understanding everything we are teaching. As for that we still need to look. The Lord will bless us though as he always does. I always like looking at ways the Lord helps in this work and how He leads us to people to teach. Next week we have a baptism though! It’s Jomel Caballero – a nine year old part member kid. He has definitely been a challenge to teach but we are excited for his baptism and so is he! The poor kid though…he wasn’t able to come to church this Sunday because he got circumcised and couldn’t wear pants. Hopefully he will be all healed up for the baptism!
Anywho I had a really cool insight this week while I was washing my clothes. I was listening to a talk by President Uchdorf who was talking about forgiveness. He emphasized how we need to be forgiving of others and show others mercy just like God shows us. And then I was thinking and I thought about how we are here on earth to be tested and tried and really it is preparation for us to become like God in the next life. One of Gods greatest qualities is his how He is able to forgive us NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. He loves us infinitely no matter who we are. So if we are to be like God in the next life we need to learn to be just as forgiving as him and show just as much mercy to our fellow men. Show them the mercy that we so desperately plead for from our Father in Heaven. We need to learn this here. It truly is a God like quality. When we forgive others we are emulating our Father in Heaven. It’s not worth it to hold on to grudges. If the God of us all forgives us of our sins then we had better forgive others. I’m so grateful for our Savior who provided us a way to be forgiven. We never need to feel bound by sin because there is always a way out. Well I love you all – take care.
Sister Johnson

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There are Gems that Just Need a Quick Polish!

Some of the Sights in the Philippines

Finally - something as big as me!

April 25, 2010) wowoweeeeee!   kamusta kamu from San Carlos! It was another eventful week in San Carlos full of adventures, weird food, a chained up monkey, and 3 baptisms! The baptisms went soooooo well. Vicente was so excited for his baptism. And guess what. I was one of the speakers and I did it all in sign language! Can you believe that! I wanted to do it just for him so he could understand. It was really simple though, nothing fancy and I spoke too so others knew what I was saying, he really appreciated it though. Then the two others were Ritz, who is the 8 year old kid that we visited every day this week to get him ready for his baptism and then Laurium which is an 8 year old girl born in the covenant so we didn’t teach her. What was cool though was that Gilbert and Charlie both got to exercise the priesthood they just received and baptized them. They were so excited to do it too. Charlie was beaming from ear to ear. Mom and Dad I can’t wait for you to meet them! It’s going to be so exciting! You will love them! I was teasing Gilbert after because he almost drown poor Ritz! He came up out of the water hackin’ up a lung! haha and then they had to do it again…and again..and again until he finally got him under!. Afterwards I was like Gilbert gilumos mo siya! unsa ma na oiy! Which means you drowned him! Anywho the baptism was so good. Our next one is in a couple weeks and his name is Jomel Caballero. He is a 9 year old kid who is a part member. All of his family are members but him. This kid….oh boy he has been a rough one haha…let’s just say he has a short attention span and I have learned a lot of patience. ay nako! Besides that, we are in the searching phase of the work. We have a lot of prospective investigators but nothing for sure. But I know that the Lord will lead us to the elect like he has in the past.
This last week we were given a referral from the other sisters that we followed up on and it was sweet. He was the coolest guy. He knows all about the bible and we had a really good discussion but he wasn’t the kind to debate which was really good. His name is Bobong and I am really excited to follow up with him. Oh and the Purca family!!! Did I write about them oh man I can’t remember!!! (I have the worst memory by the way. It is so bad and I think it got worse!) Anywho the Purca family has been less active for years and years and now they are coming back to church! It’s so exciting because we helped them come back. We visited them one day out of the blue and it was perfect timing! Because the father’s heart was sufficiently softened and he is like this little gem that just needed a quick polish. Oh man he can really help the branch. Tonight we have family home evening with them and I am really excited because we will be talking about the temple and preparing to go as a family. The Cebu temple is being dedicated in June and it is so close from here in San Carlos. I can see Cebu Island from some of our areas! We made a coin jar for them out of bamboo to start saving money. It will be cool.

I love the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately and the impact it has had on my life. I enjoy the gifts of the spirit so much and find so much joy in it. We are so blessed as members to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. Don’t take it for granted. We need to use it every day. Just look for little ways that the spirit has guided you in your everyday life and I promise that your eyes will be opened and your love for the Lord will grow tremendously! And that’s the truth! I love you all. And just remember if you find something on the ground of worth hurry and pick it up and exclaim WOW ITS A BLESSING! 🙂
Sister Johnson
PS: I can’t believe how fast time is flying…it kinda makes me sick. I am not ready to go!

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Rest is for the Weary – I Want to be Worn Down in His Service!

Some of my Companions

They Grow 'em Small Here

Or Perhaps I'm Grown Big!

But They Eat BIG!

(April 18, 2010) Hey family!!! Guess what we have another blessing!  So we have busily been preparing Brother Vicente for his baptism which is this Saturday! He is the one that is deaf and we have been teaching in sign language! This guy is amazing – you would not even believe it. We don’t have to hardly do anything, he just gets it and believes and is so willing to apply what he learns. My only concern is the interview with the District Leader – I’m not too sure how that is going down but that’s ok. But anywho so guess what on Sunday we just found out that we are going to have another person be baptized with Vicente! haha so we will have two! It’s a blessing! His name is Ritz and he is an 8 year old kid that comes to church every Sunday with his lola or grandmother. His parents aren’t members which requires us to get involved and teach him the stuff. So we will be visiting him every day this week to get him ready.
The work was a little stressful this week for me and a little slow. We are in the finding phase right now…trying to find new people to teach and we didn’t have much success this week, but I came across a scripture that helped me so much – Moroni 9:6.  It is so awesome and motivating. You guys can apply it to you as well in your respective callings! We must continue to labor diligently no matter how hard hearted people are. And I love that part that says that we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay that we may overcome the enemy of all righteousness and rest our souls in the kingdom of God! Yea rest is for the weary! We can’t stop, this work is too important! One of my deepest and strongest desires is that the Lord will use me in any way he can. I want Him to use me and wear me down in His service. I want to use all of my energy and talents serving Him because that is what is important in life. When I get home I do not what to rest. I want to work with the missionaries and continue my service. This work is great..even though it is soooo hard it is great…but hey no pain no gain! toodles!
Sister Johnson

PS: mom ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! I wrote that on my planner! Mom I am soooo glad you were born because if you weren’t born then I wouldn’t be born so thanks for being born! I love you soooooooo much and I can’t wait to see you! You have been so influential in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you for your valiant example always. You are like the moms that the 2,000 strippling warriors that say with confidence -we do no doubt our mothers knew it! Oh and mom guess what this last Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament and I talked about you! My talk was about parents teaching their children…I just basically echoed the speakers in conference. But I shared a story of how when I was little I remember you sitting me down when I was little and teaching me how to look up scriptures – teaching me what the numbers on the top mean and how to use them. You probably don’t remember that but I do..Thank you so much for teaching me because if you didn’t, maybe to this day I still wouldn’t know how to look up scriptures! 🙂 I love you mom!

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I Love the Faith of These People!

Beautiful People, Beautiful Place

These Kids are Awesome

(April 11, 2010) Hi everyone! I’m kinda scatter brained right now with all the info that you guys sent so I can’t think straight. As far as this week goes — Conference was great! We got to watch it this last weekend. It was sooooo good – I loved all of the talks about families and how parents need to step it up! Also my favorite talk was the one by President Uchdorf. That was awesome and I can’t wait to read it later and study it. The work is going great here. We have a baptism coming up in 2 weeks. Its Vecente – the guy that is deaf. It has been so fun teaching him. For his lessons we use lots of scripture. And I will usually write out some simple sentences and look up how to sign it in this little dictionary we have. It is fun. And he is sooooo excited for his baptism. For conference he came even though he couldn’t hear. We helped him out though and took notes for him so he could enjoy it. I love the faith of these people so much.
Mom I too loved the talk by Elder Ballard that talked about mothers and daughters. I am sooooo grateful for you and dad and how you guys have raised us. No joke – I can’t quite express how grateful I am. For reals – thank you so much for teaching us the gospel and how to work and all of these life’s lesson. I’m so grateful for you guys staying worthy so you could be married in the temple so our family can be sealed together…there are a lot of people that don’t have that opportunity even a lot of my companions have been the only members in their family or their family is less active. We are so lucky. I love you guys so much thank you. I hope that I can take what I have learned from you guys and apply it in my family. It says in my patriarchal blessing and others that I have been born of choice parents. That is so true and it councils to go to you guys as I have questions in my life. Thank you for always being there.

Okay –sweet thanks for all the info…there is a lot. Here are some answers to your questions:
1) yes I’m ok with staying until Sunday – I definitely want to go to church.
2) no don’t rent a car…but that might change…I will ask around. We should probably split up our time though in Bacolod and San Carlos.
3) Lets leave Monday morning…that would be better I think.
4) What is there to do in Hong Kong?? haha you know more than me but I am down for whatever! That would be sweet!
Also mom yea – you would have to wear dresses the whole time and dad a suit…but just short sleeve – nobody wears the coat part – that would just be insane. Also mom it would be better to wear flat comfortable shoes because we will be walking a lot. Bring some other stuff to for hiking because I was thinking we could go to this really sweet place called Mambukal. It has tons of waterfalls and stuff…we will see. I don’t know how much I can do with you guys though. I’m excited. I have told some of the members here that you guys are coming and they are so excited…it’s still far away though and don’t worry I won’t get distracted!  Gihigugma ko kamo!  Take care
Sister Johnson

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He Was so Ripe for the Pickin’!

This Place is Paradise

I'm the tall, white one

(April 4, 2010) Hi! Things are going swell! This was a really good week. We had a baptism this last Saturday! It was so awesome! His name is Leopolo Abalarde. He is 70 years old and is the oldest of 10 brothers and sisters – 7 of which are strong, active members of the church. Two of the sisters are in the district relief society presidency and another is Young Women’s President. They all live right next to each other so there are always missionaries at their house and members of the church, but Leopoldo would always hide when the missionaries came. Well I guess now was his time. He was so ripe for the pickin. It was great. He was so excited at his baptism too. It was great. And our Mission President, President Tobias, his wife, and the APs were there. The baptism went really well. Lots of people came and yea it was just great. His sisters were so excited for him. Now we just gotta work on his other brothers!
Guess what! On Saturday after work I noticed this huge bug bite on my leg. It was all swollen and red and numb and itchy and right in the center were 2 little teeth bite marks. It was intense but when I saw it I just laughed and brushed it off. Then the next day, yesterday, I woke up and wasn’t feeling well at all. I felt really weak and was so tired and out of it. I told Sister Adams, the couple missionaries that live next door. She has like a remedy for everything. And yep, she had one for this one too. She had me put some clay junk on and now it’s not swollen and not as itchy. I’m still alive though and today I am feeling much better…and I still don’t know what bit me!
Me and Sister Headwhites are doing well. We are having a lot of fun working here in San Carlos! Oh yea transfers! haha i forgot. Yes, I am still here in San Carlos with Sister Whitehead. I have spent over half of my mission in San Carlos…which is totally ok with me because I love it here sooooo much. I hope I die here in the mission. And mom and dad you guys can come and I can show you all the ins and outs of this city and what people to go visit and what people to avoid! haha it will be great, but dad I hope that you guys have contacted the mission about scheduling a flight and getting times worked out and stuff. Let me know! I love you all so much,
Sister Johnson

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